Top Notch

These four Facebook friends, and their five total pictures, make for an inspiring post.

To the best of my knowledge these Facebook acquaintances of mine are all full time image makers. Certainly if any are not, they should be.

Legendary photographer Jim Zuckerman is becoming a go-to photographer for the pages of Earth Images. This hillside view of Tuscany, Italy is a beautiful composition, with a nice play of light. It seems Tuscany has some resemblance to the Palouse region of Washington State.tuscany italy jim zuckerman

Jim reigns alongside Art Wolfe as the co-kings of versatility. He can and will photography anything.

Jennifer Wu is among the best known wildlife photographers around, and for good reason. This great image of a fishing Bald Eagle was captured in Alaska and is indicative of her excellent work.alaskajennifer wu

I love wild horses and apparently so does Kent Keller. Both images were made in Utah’s Great Basin Desert.

This top shot is that of a sexy wild mare. What stallion could refuse a face and a mane like that.

wildmaregreat basin desert utah kent keller

The Buckskin on the right is the herd stallion and the smaller horse is one of his offspring. By the look of the colt or filly, he/she might be the baby of that pretty mare.  The perfect couple.

FOAL STALLION great basin desert utah kent keller

Let’s finish with the incomparable Arthur Meyerson. This boy and sliding door image was created in Mexico. “I can see you.”boymexicoArthurMeyerson

Hopefully you enjoy it when I bring you “fresh” images of some of the world’s best photographers. It’s always good keep an eye on the world of photography.

Photography has brought me most of my best friends of the second half of my life, and I am appreciative beyond words.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                     Wayne

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