Photographic Nirvana

Three great photographers and three great images.

Robert Vierthaler is a superb photographer of little critters. Below we have an eye to eye portrait of a tiny Jumping Spider, This is 8x life size. Below this very penetrating picture you will find all the tech info from Robert.23719303788_ef7fc1d1b3_z
1) Subject: Jumping Spider
2) Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M1
3) Lens : 8X Microscope lens
4) Other : M42 Bellow / StackRail RS90 / Step size 13um
5) ISO100 / 1/10 sec / Silent Mode
6) Stacking / processing : 77 Images / HeliconFocus / Lightroom / Photoshop
7) Lighting : Novoflex Duo Flash + 1x Ikea Jansjö with selfmade diffuser

It’s been too long since I’ve shared a Charles Glatzer’ image. He is the master of transporting future viewers right into the scene with the subject.

This is a Brown Bear with a Salmon. Both were caught in Alaska.brownbearsalmonalaskaCGlatzer

Deborah Sandidge is an artist with a specific and very captivating style. I can usually pick out her images from a group. She makes a lot of seascapes and this one is pure liquid gold.



I have shared a lot of (hundreds?) of wildlife images on these pages, that were up close, and in your face. Sometimes, more distant shots can be at least as artful as the close-ups. The great thing about photography is that even if you cannot always choose the location you shoot a wildlife picture from, you can still change lenses and create a variety of moods and make a variety of artistic statements.


I will leave you today with an old sunset that has brought a lot of success to me over the years.1be

God Bless,                                                                                                                                           Wayne

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