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Today’s foray in to politics will not become the norm, but as for today, hang on to your hats.

How does anybody defend the morality of large cities, via their Mayors and councils, refusing the federal government access to criminals within those cities? The so-called Sanctuary cities. There are criminals, those well beyond the crime of illegal entry to this country, who are getting sanctuary within the borders. Drunk drivers, murderers, rapists. How can those of you who support those mayors, who in my opinion are criminals themselves, live with yourselves.

Portland, Oregon. A rapist who has been deported back to Mexico 23 times, is given sanctuary in Portland. The citizens of these cities, including those working stiffs who pay the taxes that pay the salaries of those mayors, are in jeopardy every day because of that mayor. If it were up to me, those mayors would be arrested and prosecuted in federal court. They are criminals!

Now understand, if a federal police force such as the U.S. Marshalls, came with a warrant for a black person, or a white person, or a yellow person, or a red person, those cities would assist those marshals in the arrest. If it is a brown/Hispanic person from Mexico or South America, they refuse. Now isn’t that racism? At least by the terms in use today. Of course we have a generation of Americans that doesn’t even know what a race is, much less racism.

Racism, has come to be levied at anything or anybody the political left does not like.They

I do digress.

Think who is at the most risk when we allow those criminals sanctuary, by creating so-called sanctuary cities. Dahhh!!! It is the other illegal immigrants who live there. Those who have hurt nobody, mind their own business, and often times have a job.

Common sense is virtually dead in a large segment of America.


The most telling aspect of our most recent Presidential election and many state elections over the past five years, was the fact that lifelong Democrats, some in their 70s and 80s, switched parties for the first time in that life. I reached that point in 1993 when I was still fairly youthful. For all of you lifelong Democrats who have allowed yourselves to be pushed and pulled farther to the left every year of your life, who now stand for the things you once hated, you are precisely why this country is in trouble. Get the finger of the radical left out of your nose and join all of those common sense people that have “cleansed themselves” over the past few years and start standing up for the things that you once did. You will feel clean again.


I had to think very carefully before writing this next part, but if I did not follow through by writing what I was thinking about, I would not be who I am. Any criticism is welcome in the comment area at the bottom of this page, and if you know me personally you can email me. Please read all my words before judging.

Arizona Senator John McCain is an American hero, What he endured after his plane was shot down in Viet Nam, was beyond heroic and well beyond anything I would ever be capable of. What Donald Trump said in the presidential campaign about McCain’s time in Viet Nam was ridiculous. Getting taken captive in a war does not make you a lesser soldier or person. Sometimes, as was his case, it makes you an even bigger hero.

Currently, McCain who is now elderly, is suffering from a brain tumor. I watched him on TV during some Senate testimony and I just wanted to walk through the TV and help him.

The above statements are from the heart, and are not meant to lesson anything I will write below.

During the early 2,000s when George W. Bush was president, McCain earned his living so to speak by picking on Republicans and courting Democrats. He was also courting the liberal press The McCain/Feingold Act, possibly one of the most useless, fraudulent pieces of legislation ever produced, was his hallmark. Russ Feingold is a leftist liberal. It never really prevented any real campaign money getting to candidates, it only re-routed it. Eventually, as was expected, it was struck down by the Supreme Court.

He continued to be the “darling” of the press. He announced that he was running for a 2008 presidential bid and he remained loved by the press right through the primaries. All the way until he won the bid to run. Once he was the Republican candidate, the press turned on him in about 11 seconds. He could have called me and I could have explained to him what was going to happen. I voted for McCain in that election but of course he lost to then Senator Obama.

McCain has floated back and forth between being conservative, liberal and moderate since then.

Recently, after the House of Representatives passed a replacement for Obamacare, a bill to rescind Obamacare, but not yet to accept the House bill, was produced in the Senate. It had no attachments so it would allow the Senate and the House to debate what they liked and did not like in the House bill. McCain was home in Arizona receiving treatments for his tumor and heroically, returning to Washington D.C. to vote and remove Obamacare from the books. When he got there he refused along with two other Republican Senators, one a liberal, the other who was worried about re-election in her state, to help pass the bill. McCain was sent back the senate in 2016 when he ran on a platform of stopping illegal immigration, and removing Obamacare from the books. He did not do his job or keep his word.

It appears to me that he returned to cast his vote just in order to payback Donald Trump for his statements during the campaign. Remember, that Senate bill only served to allow the Senate and the House to negotiate a finished product. One that would allow for competition between insurance companies and would allow buyers a myriad of choices from all over America. McCain shafted every voter who voted for him. Of course, he is elderly and sick, and will surely never run again or need those voters again. I would love to think his mental state due to the tumor is the culprit and he did not know what he was doing. That’s what I’d like to think but I don’t.

Well John, I hope you’re as proud of yourself as I have always been and still am of you for your service to America. I wish you good health, and a long life of staying away from American politics.


If I made any Republicans angry in the last section, it’s time to enrage some Democrats. Below you will find two statements that I will stand by. There are some exceptions to each rule, but I stand by what I say.

Not only is the Republican party not run by right-wing extremists, it is by and large a moderate/centrist to slightly left of center party, with a few liberals and a few right-wingers.

The Democrat party has a handful of moderate/centrists, but is totally dominated by left-wing extremists.

Those of you older folks who have voted Democrat for many years, have been pulled along and have accepted a drift into extremism. You are supporting radicals. Many of you don’t even realize it as the shift has been subtle and it has taken many years.

Does the Republican party that you think are radical right-wingers (words like fascist are often used) suggest that black people should be ushered into separate schools from whites? Are they suggesting we get rid of Welfare, Social Security, Medicare, or any social programs? Are they suggesting that Muslims or any other non-Christian religion be harassed for their beliefs? Are they saying those Muslims shouldn’t be able to pray? Are they not as outraged as Democrats if gay Americans are singled out for persecution?

Here’s some more truths. They are not even suggesting that illegal immigrants be sent home, only those who are here and breaking other laws. Imagine that, their stance is to send home people who are here illegally, and then break our other laws. Shame on them (sarcasm). They are not suggesting that more legal immigrants from those countries not be allowed into the U.S. as some fake news organizations suggest, only that we use a bit of common sense like our (liberal) neighbors to the north in Canada do, and make sure they stand a chance to work and lead a productive life and that they do not come in numbers that we cannot handle.

These so labeled “right-wing radicals” are trying to clean up our inner cities including the school system in an effort to break the chain of welfare and crime and poor education that has become the rule rather than the exception after so many years of failed Democrat rule in those cities. They are not advocating the end of public schools, they only advocate that parents get a choice.

They don’t want to close our public schools, they do want to provide all American children of all races and ethnicities the choice to attend private schools where the standards of both teaching and discipline are often much higher. The choice!

The last President of this nation was a Democrat who supported a group called Black Lives Matter. When that terrorist group called for the murder of police officers, and several were shot, he never once spoke up to disavow himself from them. That’s radicalism!

The last Democrat Presidential candidate, back in the early 1990s when she was first lady, proposed (Hillarycare) a healthcare plan that included a complete government take over of the healthcare system in America. If you wanted to become a doctor, you could not go to the college of your choice and the medical school of your choice, and pick the specialty of your choice under that system. You needed government approval for all of those decisions.

Most Democrats appose any choice for parents who want their children out of failed public schools. Better to keep them in the inner city plantation in need of government welfare, teachers and their unions.

Almost all Democrats approve of the Common Core system for schooling. A cradle to death running report kept on all children so the government can decide what jobs your kids will hold in the future. It also includes things like what are your religious beliefs? Do you attend a church? Do you accept evolution as the truth?

“Most” Republicans want as much free choice as possible. What a radical idea (sarcasm).

Democrats want only the government and criminals to have guns. Oh they might prefer that criminals didn’t have them either but there are over 9 million illegal guns in America right now. Illegal guns are shipped into our country via the Caribbean the same way drugs are. Criminals do not follow gun laws because….well….you know….they are criminals. Our last (Democrat) president did everything he could to take the guns out of the hands of honest citizens.

Most Republicans insist that gun laws for felons be strengthened and enforced at every opportunity. They (most of them) also lobby to allow non-criminals to arm themselves against the actual criminals. What a radical idea (sarcasm).

Democrats continue to fight simple laws that help prevent voter fraud. Laws that everybody can comply with. If you saw that video during the past election with the Democrat operative bragging about how easily Democrats commit voter fraud in America, and explaining in detail how they do it, and mentioning how unbelievably easy it is in my home state of Wisconsin, I guess you can figure out why they oppose every avenue of producing an honest election.

An honest vote, would also eliminate fraud in case at some point in time a Republican voter actually commits fraud. A voter may do it some day. When he/she does, Democrats will be protected against that one case of fraud. Yes, sarcasm.

All the lies and silliness from the political left about the Republican attempts to achieve an honest vote aside, I have never seen a serious initiative by that party on curtailing voter fraud that could not be complied with easily.

Wanting an honest vote is seen by some as radical, while wanting to keep a system that begs for voter fraud, is not. A centrist plan to curb voter fraud from one side, the desire to preserve fraud on the other (radical) side.

Ronald Reagan was one of the most popular presidents of the 20th Century. He was elected with 49 states in his second term. (No I never voted for Reagan. I was a dedicated liberal at the time.) Reagan was farther to the right than any major person in the Republican party today.

The Democrats of my youth would be ashamed to be associated with the Democrat party today. Legendary liberal Democrat Hubert Humphrey (an actual true champion of civil rights) gave speeches during his run for the White House in 1968, that would be called extreme right-wing fascism today by the radical left. He actually spoke about taking responsibility and hard work instead of what you’re entitled to.

The point to this portion of today’s article is, if you are an older Democrat, you have been conned, propagandized, and moved inch by inch over many years to a place you would have detested in times gone by. Slow moves are often undetected. Take an hour or so and think about it some day.

If you are an older Republican voter and are a far-right ultra conservative, your conservative party has left you for centrist moderation. They are a million miles closer to the original vision for America and the American Dream than the other side, but they are a party of moderates who talk like strong conservatives when they are campaigning in the primaries, but prove their middle of the road stance when they are elected. Radical left on one side, and moderate on the other!

I am not a hater. I don’t hate Democrat politicians, I hate what they have done to my country. I certainly do not hate Democrat voters, but you are the enablers that make it all possible. If you’re young enough, just imagine what you will have been frightened into believing ten years from now.

The next post will be less intense, I promise.


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