You Can’t See Me

I have in the past been accused of writing some inflammatory stuff on this blog and other locations on the internet. I believe that I have written some things well, and others poorly, but I’ve written nothing that I wouldn’t say face to face, or in front of an audience.

That said…….

People do still, after all these years of the world-wide web, write things while at their computer (tablet, phone, etc.), for publication on the internet, as if they are completely invisible or at least anonymous. Even when they use their own names. You can’t see me, so I can say what I want.

I once had a day job where I would head to work in the wee hours of the morning. I passed a house every day where they would be getting up at that wee hour. It was of course dark out so they would have their lights on. They (a man and a woman) would walk around the house in various stages of undress or no dress. Of course it appeared as if they were on a stage being lit by spotlights. No matter how embarrassed I was for them, it is impossible to not unconsciously glance toward that house with its “I’m in the spotlight” type show going on every single morning. I do not think they were perverts but rather like so many, it never occurred to them that someone could see them in their own house.

Who hasn’t sat at a red light, in a gaggle cars waiting together for that light to go green, and had someone in the car next to them, picking their nose? I am guessing, that if they were out on the street in a crowd of pedestrians, they would absolutely never do that, but after all, who can see them when they’re in their own car? It isn’t like their surrounded by glass (sarcasm).

No matter what any of us does or says on the internet, the very least one needs to practice in the form of discretion, is if you wouldn’t say it in any other forum, don’t say it there. I will say once again, “almost” everything I’ve said in this and other locations on the web, I would be willing to repeat face to face. In fact, on a few occasions in years past, I have done just that.

Now on to some great photography from some amazing image makers.

I’ve shared the wildlife (and some landscapes) imagery of Charles Glatzer many times before. It seems like Charles, be he alone or teaching a workshop, is in the field about 364 days a year. I guess everybody needs at least one day off.

His Grizzly Bear photography is legendary and he caught this one in mid shake. You could probably count the droplets if you chose to.zucharles glatzer bear

Jim Zuckerman belongs in the category of legends and I enjoyed this nighttime image from the Palouse country of Washington State. During this long exposure of the sky, he painted the cab of that truck with light. Likely a simple flashlight and/or car headlights were employed.zuckerman palouse

I haven’t shared an image from macro photographer Mike Moats for quite some time. This one has so many likes, and so many comments on Facebook that it is becoming iconic. An iconic image from an iconic photographer.zwfrom Mike Moats

Coming next time, my comments on industry and jobs in America and in my home state.

Happy trails,                                                                                                                                 Wayne

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