All my life, I’ve loved natural places. Open space. I’ve hated development. Asphalt and steel. Everything crowded and jammed. Still, I am a logical person who understands what a society full of people needs to survive. Jobs! Income!

As the population of the U.S. continues to expand, much do to immigration, both legal and illegal, it isn’t rocket science to realize that jobs and the income that comes with it, is the bread of life.

Despite first a national competition between many states, and ultimately a smaller one between three states, Wisconsin has landed a major corporation/employer in Foxconn. I believe they manufacture cell phones and produce monitor screens and other such 21st Century items. We are talking about a major distribution center. A manufacturing plant would produce some higher paying jobs but unfortunately in Wisconsin our tech schools don’t teach the skill sets necessary for those high paying factory jobs. That fact is being addressed by our current Governor but it will take years to accomplish. I am told, that Foxconn may employ as many as 10,000 workers. That’s a major boon to the state. More importantly to me, this is the rarest of all occasions as my own county of Racine, will apparently host this new company. I have no doubt that one or two of this county’s state senators and assembly persons, as well as our national reprehensive to The House of Representatives Paul Ryan had a lot to do with this.

I also have no doubt that some major tax incentives were offered by the governor to attract the company. Unfortunately that fact was established in the 1970s by southern states as an attempt (successfully) to draw business away from the industrial belts in the Midwest and northeast. It is a ship that has already sailed.

During the administration of our last governor, companies were treated like the enemy. One of our iconic companies, Harley Davidson, even considered moving from Wisconsin. Since the election (several times) of our current governor, we have done a 180 degree about face. Do not tell me it does not matter who you put in office. When this Governor was elected, a decision was made by Wisconsin, to “take care of the dog that leads us, rather than bite the hand that feeds us“.


There’s nothing in life better than believing in things, and standing up for them. That is true no matter what side of an issue you are on. A life without convictions is just wasting time. The problem we see today, is when one side (or any side) feels Democracy was created for them, and only them. Free speech is good, until somebody says something they disagree with. That’s born from a generation who has been lied to and frightened by those liars. That would be the same generation who has been brought up winning awards for just showing up. An entire generation (or two) that feel they are “entitled” to what they want, while those who disagree are entitled to nothing.

Those who are convicted by what their brain, their heart, and their morals tell them, will remain faithful to their beliefs. Everybody changes including the people who represent (ed) those beliefs. That’s natural. True beliefs however, are never subject to the doubts that are planted by those who believe differently.

God Bless,

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