With nothing much to say today, I thought I’d share a few wildlife images from some of my Facebook contacts.

Sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy images without comment.  They do speak for themselves.

Rufous Hummingbird by David Hemmings18320907_10212117817637178_6993765888618961432_o

Peregrine Falcon by Sharon Landis18581883_1962833413936626_8913391816726601225_n

Zebras by Denise Ippolitto18403763_1500519600021647_5217699804770245353_o

Red-legged Honey-creeper by Greg Downing17554302_10211574111375964_3572288176713288332_n

Have a great day and God Bless



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My words from April 8, 2016

Getting Your Head Up Above The Crowd

There are a lot of photographers in the world today. It can be difficult for you to get your head up above the crowd. When I accomplished that in the 80s and 90s, it was frankly much, much easier. Today, not only do millions of people have the equipment (and software) to accomplish world-class images, but the information on how to do that, is readily available to everyone. It certainly seems that more people also have the time to get out and make those pictures, and way more people travel the entire planet in search of them. Just the same, there are things that you cannot buy, and even some things that nobody can show you.

Never give up. Persistence can’t be bought. When I garnered success at outdoor photography, the number one ticket to that success was that I refused to give up. I Had friends and acquaintances who pursued photography seriously, who eventually failed because they gave up. Other people were getting published when they were not. I give up….was their attitude. I have no time was another cry. Those of us who had even a modicum of success, made time. So we couldn’t go to Africa, we went to a state park. When we couldn’t go to a state park, we went to the near-by prairie. Not enough time for a prairie, how about your back yard? No back yard, how about a city park? If you don’t want it, you will never receive it. It’s funny, but that’s pretty much the story of life.

It is a joy to view all of the great images that are shown today. When something’s gained something’s lost, and what’s missing are true superstars. Gravitas is on the wane. There are a few superstars (Art Wolfe etc.), and while they are still great image makers, they are an extension of the past. They will one day be gone and they will be replaced by a thousand new faces each, not by one.

In the end, “getting your head up above the crowd”, will require a unique vision, and the ability to make people look at your pictures, even when there are 1,000 images on the same page as yours. I think in a world where “photographers” travel to the most spectacular places in existence, make their pictures, and then share them at leisure, success for you will mean concentrating less on the spectacular locations, or on sought after wildlife, and more about finding your own subjects, great or small. In 2010 I wrote an article for this blog on the current state of nature photography. One suggestion I made, was when you go to those spectacular landscape destinations, ignore the iconic spots, unless you have a completely different idea of how to capture them. Find those less known places. Make your own pictures. More and more I think that going somewhere completely different, that almost nobody goes to, and then making powerful images, might be the “new secret” to selling work.

For those of you who are in the fine art world,  I think having the skill to see the world in the abstract, or better said, the line and shape, or the light and shadow of a place, will set you apart. How many people will want to buy a straight forward landscape, of an iconic location, when they have probably been there and photographed it (very well too) themselves. If not, they can likely get a download from the internet and make an exceptional print on their own printer. They might however, be willing to buy a print that has a unique vision, from a unique artist.

Other photographers have cameras, software, information, and the ability to travel. Your personal vision, is the one thing that nobody else has. It belongs to you exclusively.

Have a great day,                                                                                                                                 Wayne

Matthew 6:33  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all things shall be added unto you.   Jesus Christ

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