Theoretically Speaking

I love science. I am certainly no expert, but science, from computers to the cosmos and on to DNA, fascinates me. I do wish we could all exercise more common sense, honesty and fairness towards how just much of “science” is still theory. Once theory has been shared and taught for a long enough time, it becomes accepted (by most) as fact, and is then unfortunately taught as such.

Oh I am sure there are some school teachers and college professors that at least mention that the Big Bang Theory is well……a theory.  It should also be taught that human evolution has never once been proven. Some have attempted to wish it into being. One by calling an ape skeleton the so-called “missing link”, or another by insisting that a pig bone, was that of a prehistoric man.

Science theory, has been accepted as fact by millions. On one occasion students and professors at Cal Tech proved in interviews, that their hatred for those who would question either of the hypothesis in the above paragraph,  shows their unwillingness to hold an open mind.  I have never witnessed a more angry or sad group of people.

I have never questioned climate change. I have questioned the reason behind it. That reason which is being force-fed to our children via politics instead of science. I have doubted global warming. Some of that doubt comes from global temperatures. Science cannot truly track fractions of a degree over a long period of time. Our methods (science?) changes. We can now take a temperature for every location on earth, and take it very accurately (thanks to science). That was not possible even 30 years ago. It leaves all reported temp changes over past times be they + or -, somewhat dubious. The biggest aspect of climate change that scientists ignore, is their own findings that this earth has in fact gone through climate change since its conception, no matter how you believe it was actually conceived. How did that happen without all (any) of the tools that man uses and blames for global warming?

The ice age is taught by science. What an amazing global warming that was when it ended. All without coal-burning power plants and cars and everything else that is blamed for climate change. I mean, an ice age, and then a global melt, all before any signs of  industrialized man. Is that not climate change?

DNA is an amazing discovery of science. We have just scratched the surface. In the 1980s and 90s, it was shocking how we could decide the guilt or innocence of a criminal, just by microscopic samples of DNA. Prosecuting attorneys readily used this science to send criminals to prison, but many defense attorneys have gotten those same people set free on appeal, after DNA science moved forward and now proved those people to be innocent. At each step along the way, there were those who bought into everything that was declared at that particular time. Any given science is only the be all and end all……until the next step is discovered.

I am a God believing creationist. I cannot, scientifically prove to you I am right. My reasons for believing this are a combination of common sense, and something more profound that is much harder to explain. Big Bang Theorists, and human evolution believing science nerds, have their own version of the same thing. They have faith.  I am willing to accept the fact that for me to convince you of what I believe, it will require an exercise of faith. That is no different from what is needed to believe a lot of what science teaches as fact.

The truth is, science has become political in nature. It is used as a tool for free enterprise hating socialists to (not) prove their point.  The truth be damned.


It is easy to believe a lot of science, and still be a true believing Christian.  I mean, aspirin works, and so does your TV and computer.  It is impossible however to believe some science, and still be a Christian.  At some point, you have to make a choice. We can’t have everything both ways. As Christians we are not only asked to have faith, but to make choices.

One thing is for sure, all religion and the believing of all science theory, all require faith.

Theory, is not the provenance of science or even religion. We all operate with some degree of accepting theory (faith). The secret to getting along is recognizing that fact.  Theory is just that, a theory. The need for faith is something that true Christians, readily admit. YOU NEED FAITH. You will fail without it. Now if we could just convince our brothers and sisters in science to admit they do the same thing. Well, everything’s possible. With God that is.

Many times science and even philosophical atheists state that what they hate the most about a belief in God, is that most God believing religions insist you have to believe what they do. The Christian God does not say you have to do anything. The atheist might reply to that by saying sure, but then you go to hell. Well, you don’t believe in hell so what are you worried about. Also, it is you who say that we have to believe in the Big Bang, or human evolution or global warming. You are the “it’s our way or doom” proponent.As a Chrisitan and let you know that you have the right to beleive as you choose. Of course all bad decisions have concequences.

The Christian God is always ready to welcome you, if you accept His Son, and ask for forgiveness of your sin.

It is we who make things complicated. He makes it simple. Not always easy, but always simple.


I received a comment a couple of years ago about my use of the term the Christian God. That means of course, as in Christ. This came from a proclaimed Christian who took umbrage with the fact I seemed to give credence to other gods.

I believe in one and only one true God, but the world is full of lesser gods. By that I mean, people create their own gods. Not only the gods of other religions, which are in fact other gods, but power, money, things, self, the earth, nature, animals, science, Christian artifacts and so on. Man is an expert at creating gods.

God Bless and place your faith well,                                                                                            Wayne

Below is a disjointed group of my images for which there is little rhyme or reason for their cohabitation. That is one of my favorite ways to show photos.

Wolf lake, Wisconsin1Wolf SRoct2 012

Stellar’s Jay, Colorado2DSC_5506

White-tailed Prairie Dog, Colorado3DinoANWR 059

Swainson’s Hawk, Wyoming4DSC_3109

Bee, Pollen & Chicory, Illinois5Copy of HorA17 216

Autumn Impressions, Wisconsin6ABstractIMpressionism

Rocky Mt. Meadow, Colorado7FtCollinsCanyon 019

The San Juan’s, Colorado8BLCanSanJuan 147

Virginia Bluebells, Wisconsin9DSC_0014b

Black-crowned Night Heron, Horicon Marsh NWR, Wisconsin.10DSC_0127

Male Greater Scaup, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin11DSC_8074

Male red-breasted Merganser, Lake Michigan, Illinois12RBMerg1 035

Male Northern Shoveler, Wisconsin13HorN1 039

Rocks and Rapids, Colorado14FtCollinsCanyon 039

Wolf Lake Wisconsin16bDSC_2997


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