And in This Corner……The Champ

The opinions in the paragraphs below, are mine.

I admire versatility in almost every endeavor. When it comes to versatility among well-known photographers, my champ is Jim Zuckerman.

If you like straight up, high quality, un-manipulated photography, Jim’s your guy. If you like your images, straightforward but with an excellent common sense use of software editing, Jim is your guy. If you enjoy imagery that has been made dramatic and powerful through the use of software manipulation, Jim’s your guy. If you like to see top-notch professional imagery that has been created through the use of extreme software editing……well, Jim’s your guy.

Are you more interested in subjects than techniques?

If you are a fan of wildlife photography, made in the wild, Jim Zuckerman is the guy to turn to. If you like wildlife model shoots, sometimes with posed animals, Jim is one of the best. If you enjoy macro photography of insects, Jim is the guy. If your thing is close-up photography of man-made objects, Jim of one of the best. If you admire location photography of indigenous people’s, try Jim. If you are interested in model shoots, yes, that’s right, Jim is an expert. If you like pictures of cars, trains, planes, motorcycles and so forth, Jim Zuckerman is a top pro. If the natural landscape is your thing, whether you prefer straight forward images, or altered, Jim is the guy. If you love architectural photography, either with single building detail, or in full-fledged cityscapes, yep, that’d be Jim.

Like most top pros, Jim probably earns his living teaching workshops. His workshops are as diverse as is his portfolio.

I am connected to Jim on Facebook and I would suggest following him if you are on social media. He and Art Wolfe are where you go when you want to know the meaning of professional photography, or just for photographers who photograph everything.

I hope you enjoy his pictures below as much as I enjoyed bringing them to you.

This is a wild Pygmy Owl. He is an excellent wildlife photographer even though that is likely not what he is best known for.1pigmyowlJimZuckerman

Patagonian landscape. No doubt some contrast work was done in the editing process, but I am guessing this is pretty straight up.

This looks like a natural mix of nighttime skies, and artificial building lights. This was created in Iceland.3IcleandZuckerman

An awesome butterfly shot from a great macro photographer. Versatile is spelled Zuckerman. 4zuckermanbutterly

Back to Iceland again. This is a 7 shot HDR (high dynamic range) of an ice cave. That enabled the gaining of detail in every little crevice. A 4 shot HDR is the most I have ever attempted.5sevenframeHDRIcelandZuckerman

I love this natural abstract of a spiral staircase. It is compositionally fascinating and technically flawless.6ReykjavikZuckerman

I love this set up shot of an old car with a model in a period costume.7commercialjimzuckerman

This is from Jim’s Easter post on Facebook and is a digital software created composite from several different originals.8compositeforEasterZuckerman

If you follow Jim’s work for a long time, you will realize quickly that the images I have shown you today, barely scratch the surface.

Jim always tells us how he creates an image. He lets us know if an animal in a photo is wild and free, or was a part of a model shoot. When you offer workshops on everything from wildlife in the wild, to Photoshop manipulation at home, and on to model shoots inside of buildings, there is never a reason to fool anyone.

Jim Zuckerman, gives all those photographers who aspire to be full-time pros something to shoot for, and someone to learn from.

God Bless,





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