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I hope you all had a nice Easter. This post was actually ready to go then, but I thought certain parts of it are not very Easter like, so I held it back.

Dallas Cowboy’s wide receiver Dez Bryant, talks about race in America. Worth reading for everybody and anybody.

You never know where truth and courage will come from, and yes, it takes courage for a famous black athlete to speak out and say what Dez said.

I never cared much for Bryant because firstly, he played for the Dallas Cowboys, and secondly he often looked so angry when he was on the sidelines. His teammates (virtually all of them) defended him saying that he is passionate and yells a lot on the sideline, but is rarely even angry.

He takes a major chance of being ostracized by his teammates because of what he said..

You will note that the article also mentions Charles Barkley, former NBA star and current basketball commentator. Barkley has been saying the same thing for many years.

Anybody can settle for the status quo. That’s one way to remain popular and to accomplish nothing.

I applaud Dez Bryant and I only hope a few more athletes will follow suit. When the heroes of our American children stop helping to propagate the tired old mantra that only the elitist left-wing of our large cities and of Washington DC can save them, and let them know that it is themselves who can affect the change necessary, this nation will heal its wounds and create inner city environments that breed success, instead of failure violence.


The international scene.

Over the past 8 years, there was a lot of tough talk, and even some lines drawn in the sand concerning terrorism, and rogue nations. The lines were ignored and nothing was done. In the case of Iran, after tough talk, a policy was put in place from this country that actually helps Iran build nuclear weapons. While we continued to fight in Afghanistan, we made it clear that as ISIS and the Taliban dug in and created safe havens under the earth, we would just say “ho hum”.  In North Korea, we spent 8 years kicking the can down the road as to let other administrations deal with psycho Kim Jumg Un .

We were told even into the last days of the previous administration that there were no more chemical weapons in Syria. In fact, Obama security adviser Susan Rice was saying that in interviews as late as February of this year that there were NO MORE chemical weapons in Syria. Were they incompetent or lying? I don’t know and at this point I do not care.

There are many significant, and even earth shattering issues in the world to deal with. At some point, America (and the world) needs a leader who deals with such issues, instead of runs from them. They are not going away by themselves, they never do.

For you “always Trumper’s” who think he is backing away from his nationalist policies at this point, I do not believe he is. If YOU are an isolationist, you must realize that Trump is a nationalist. As am I. I want an America that takes care of herself first, but is the leader of the free world.

We have just spent 8 years with a globalist. Obama wanted an America that followed, instead of leading.  I want a nation that takes care of its borders and citizens first, but understands that we all can become vulnerable without strong leaders in good countries. Especially this country.

Wars are terrible things and should be avoided if at all possible. Eventually however, Kim Jumg Un will push the button if he is left to his own volition. A unified free world, led by a strong and humane America, can stop him.

On the lighter side of things, Facebook has been posting signs on our home pages that state that they will be taking more steps to prevent you from receiving “fake news” on their site. It went on the explain, how you can realize when news is fake. This from the group that admitted during the Presidential campaign that they deleted news from conservative websites, and publish such from liberal sites.

There was no place for a direct reply to Facebook included in that post. If there was, I might suggest that I can discern fake news on my own and the last thing I need, is a group of people who work for billionaire Democrat Mark (Clinton) Zuckerberg explaining to me how to separate fake news from the real stuff.

Just the same, next post no politics!



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