Naturally Diverse

It feels good to get back to some photography again, and I have five superb images from five fine photographers to share with you. All five of these pix came from my group called Earth Images on Flickr.

Nature is more diverse than our minds can comprehend, and today’s selection shows that. The true nature photographer, celebrates and displays that diversity through their imagery.

I rarely show pictures that are creations of layering produced during the editing process or other major changes made after clicking the shutter, but ultimately I am a photography enthusiast and I enjoy powerful images no matter what.

This moon and elk composite is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. Liam Ryan is the photographer who put this together. I would love to see this in print form with the image size being about 10 ft by 6 ft. Great stuff!!1moon-elk-liam-m-ryan

I’ve never been as awestruck over images made largely through digital manipulation, as I have over those with original intent, and the vision to carry it out at the moment of releasing the shutter button. Just the same, well thought out and well carried out pictures, even if they come to fruition while they are on the computer at home, can be fun.

Morning mist is a subject that is as old as photography, and this Manuel Romaris picture of mist rising over a mountain lake with back-light, is flawless. Keeping the shot in high contrast was the perfect choice for sharing the drama.2mistlakesunrisemanuelromaris

I love crisp colorful images with unobtrusive black backgrounds. Butterflies, flowers and even dewy orb webs can all look great this way, but lizards are also perfect. Gary Kyle Nicolau did an outstanding job with exposure and detail. Such a beautiful animal!3lizard-gary-kylenicola

Perfection. Gudrun Marlaud made this absolutely flawless work showing us the art of a flower. Point of focus, depth of field (shallow), and overall composition is exquisite. I always looked (with eyes and heart) to create images likes this. I succeeded here and there, but I doubt any were as powerful as this.4purpleflowergudrunmarlaud

I have an entire stock photography category of files of skies. Both in film and digital. In many cases I photographed only skies, but usually tried to include a kiss of land or water. That puts that “big sky” in perspective. That’s what Pomarine Jaeger did here, likely better than I have ever done.5sky-water-pomarinejaeger

I am so inspired when I look at work like I’ve shown you today. It edifies me as to the nature of the art of photography. It reminds me, why so much of my life has been devoted to the stories, emotions, designs and details, that can be conveyed through photography.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                                Wayne


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