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It has been rare as of late, when an Earth Images post actually has pictures on it.

I give you two small portfolios, one from the venerable and great wildlife artist Charles Glatzer, and the second from landscape artist Noel Casaje.

Charles is one of the world’s top wildlife photographers/workshop teachers. Every student I have ever seen write a report on what it’s like to take a Glatzer workshop, only has the highest praise. Picking a workshop instructor begins with viewing that person’s imagery. I’m sold!

Close-up of a Common Loon.clooncharlesglatzer

Dramatic light and Humpback Whale.humpbackwhalecharlesglatzer

A montage of geese and cranes.mointagecharlesglatzer

Spirit bears are actually Black Bears. Blacks, come in everything from white to black, and every shade of brown.spiritbearcharlesglatzer


As always, “great stuff” Charles.

I came across Noel Casaje’s work for the first time yesterday. We are Facebook friends and while I do not know how that happened, I am thrilled. Noel’s work is both minimal and maximum at the same time. There is a wonderful clarity of composition and light, no matter what the subject and what kind of light exists. Noel has what we call “vision”, and the ability to finish things off at the same time.14680757_10154245431362758_4382263202363292418_n



Thanks Noel.


It is possible, that I may have to eliminate showing the work of other photographers here on Earth Images. My non-photography posts are a bit controversial and it is possible that photographers will not want to be associated with this blog. I hope not, but at this point in our time, there are more important things than pictures, though my love for image making will never die.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                                     Wayne


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