My intention for this post was originally for it to be an autumn spectacular, with at least a dozen top fall pictures from top photographers. I am having some temporary issues with my ISP, which makes it hard to hunt down photos to share with you. Instead I opted for three great images by three equally great photographers. They were all gotten from my Facebook homepage.

This heartwarming shot comes from wildlife specialist Jessica Kirste. This family of Wood Ducks are almost at eye level which also serves to brings viewers “into” the scene.2a14519716_1672185303096903_7256026971440391530_n

Deborah Sandidge is my all time favorite special effects photographer. This dizzying image was created by Deborah in Budapest, Hungary. Her use of slow shutter speeds and multiple exposures take that genre of image making from gimmick to art. 3a14519749_1238049782885123_6485243307566367042_n

The autumn season is always ripe for seasonal abstracts. This beauty of a grove of Aspen trees with reflections which are likely a software manipulation, and is done with the style and beauty that Vallerie Millett always brings to her images.5dsc_0045

Next time I will have either a full blown autumn photo article, or I’ll drift back to politics.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                       Wayne

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