Imagine This, Imagine That

Imagine this, I am actually posting about photography today. For someone who has thought of himself as a photographer for much of his adult life, and who has a blog to spread what he knows, learns and feels about photography, I have written precious few photography related posts recently. It seems, that what has been happening in this country (U.S.), and the world, has me preoccupied with things like right and wrong, freedom, and future existence. At times, photography seems trite and unimportant to me for the first time since I was 19 years old.

Then I see an image (s), maybe one or maybe one hundred, and I really “look” at it, and my love affair with photography once again bubbles to the surface.

Photography can be an escape from, or a certification of, the world around us. It is different things to different people. It can be quite literal, but it can be equally abstract. It can be both at the same time. It can bring the harsh realities of a cold world to the surface, but it can also give birth to an imagination that is deep down inside. No matter the subject of the image, no matter the photographer, sometimes it allows us to see what others see, and sometimes it allows us to see something that nobody has ever seen.

Imagine This………….

I am not positive just exactly what this subject is. Does it matter? It could matter a lot. There might be a story here that’s worth telling. Then again, maybe what you see is what you get! Maybe that’s the story. Sometimes it’s what’s on the inside, and sometimes it’s the outside. John Parrish made this shot and what it means to him, might be revealed in the photo, or it might be left to our imagination.abstracteniro-warrior

Guy Tall is one of the best western landscape photographer/artists I know. Sometimes his images are big and bold, and other times diminutive and personal. Sometimes literal, and sometimes abstract. Either way, a Guy Tal photograph is always a Guy Tal photograph. He knows who he is.aspenguytal

Sharon Landis is one of the best Birds of Prey photographers that I follow. I know not how many hours a week she devotes to this passion but it must be many. She always takes us up close and inside their world and that is an art form in and of itself. This is an immature Bald Eagle with a crab. Can you imagine what this eagle is thinking. I might suggest, “those other birds better keep their distance.” Or maybe, “the crab isn’t the best today, maybe I’ll start eating somewhere else.” Imagination has its place even in the most straightforward pictures.beaglesharonlandis

Shannon Rose O’Shea is a wildlife photographer who took quite a detour in making this image of a soldier’s cemetery. I can only imagine what those brave souls felt when they gave their “last full measure of devotion” I can only guess what this picture means to Shannon.cemmetary-shannon-rose-oshea

Marcos Lamas made this awesome image of a steam locomotive. Photographing trains is a profession for some. The point of view, is all so important. I love old trains. The child inside of me is still alive thanks to people like Marcos.old-locomotiuve-marcos-lamas

I love close-up photography that uses deep shadows and contrast to create a natural “pop!”, along with a touch of mystery. Keller Wilson is sort of a specialist at this, and the resulting work is sublime. Is this picture right side up or not? Your vision might lead you to the answer, but your imagination might take you to new discoveries.xleafreflectionkellerwilson

May God Bless you richly,                                                                                                                    Wayne


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