Celebrating The Wild Life

Below there are six great images by six equally great photographers. We have the artful, the action stopping moments, the incredibly unique, and finally wildlife photography as a metaphor.


Immature Bald Eagle. A beautifully composed moment by Sharon Landis1Immature bald eagle Sharon Landis

Art + Action.

Dinner’s coming. Thick-billed Murre with dinner by Nicolas Merino2b8077069976_8b6acbdeef_c


Suspending a fraction of a second….forever. Springbok by Todd Gustafson.3Springbok Todd Gustanfson


Action can say power and this Theo Busschau image of two sparring Hippos says that by taking us right into their world.4c

One Of a Kind.

I’ve never seen a time exposed (30 seconds) night sky, combined with animals (Cape Buffalo) lit by manmade means. Brendon Cremer created this spectacular and unique wildlife image.5CapeBuffaloBrendonCremer30secexposure

I Think I Can, I Think I Can!

There’s nothing like setting your sights high! You’re never too little to think big.

Stefane Gautier captured this wonderful picture of a Kingfisher with breakfast…and lunch…and dinner.6a

It’s amazing what is being done today in the field of wildlife photography. Equipment beyond the dreams of any wildlife photographer just a few years ago, plus knowledge of both photography and where to find the animals, thanks to the internet. There’s also an ample supply of talent today. The best wildlife photographers in the world from just 10 years ago, and their award-winning once in a lifetime images, are meager compared to what I see on my computer screen every day of my life from what are often advanced amateurs.

If you’re a photographer, and nature is the center piece of your image making, take a walk on the wild side.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                                   Wayne


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