Win Some, Lose Some

When I write a consecutive series of posts here on Earth Images, that are related to current events, politics, social issues or religion, some (rare) readers wonder if I am done posting photography articles. Conversely, when I get back into writing photography posts, some (even rarer) readers wonder if I have discontinued commentary on those other more topical subjects. The answer is simple, until I finally decide to abandon this blog, I will always do both.

Over the past six months this blog has been linked to a pair of commercial websites. That was their decision to do that not mine, but I do appreciate the daily visitors they brought me. With many of the recent political and social events in America and the world, I have written up to three non-photography articles in a row. I noticed a few days ago that I was no longer receiving any clicks from those two sites. It’s clear that somebody involved with them, decided that either my social/political posts were too sharply worded, or they simply didn’t like my opinions. Either way that is their prerogative and I do appreciate all of the people who visited this blog while those links were up.

If only the powers that be were equally interested in silencing those of the opposite point of view, I might actually  applaud the equity of their purpose. It actually seems to depend more on what those opinions are, rather than if the writer has been too harsh.  There is little doubt, that free speech is a selective thing in the minds of many.

We are living in an amazing, but perilous time. The world really is in a state of confusion and violent rage. From all corners. The users are using, and those being used are consenting to it. It is impossible for me, I repeat impossible, for all of this to happen in front of me, and not to comment and offer up my opinions. And no, I will not lighten them up. My beliefs of right and wrong and good and evil are under assault on a daily basis, and those assaults deserve strong retorts.  I would suggest everyone to do the same.

So until the number of readers reaches zero, I will continue to do as I have, and suggest that others do the same.

I have written many of my own quotes on this blog, and even posted an entire article of nothing but quotes that I had previously printed here on Earth Images, including a section for my own. The quote below was used a short while back but it describes what I believe in fairly succinctly. We are what we are, we can only continue to evolve, and share what we’ve learned with others.

Our mistakes tell others who we were, what we do with those mistakes tells us who we are, together they define who we will be. Wayne Nelson

God Bless, Wayne


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