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Today’s post is a continuation of the series called, Just Thinking. As always, the thoughts included in this article are my opinions, based on my observations and experiences. They are not designed to make anybody angry, or to make anybody happy. That being said, I usually manage to make everybody angry, and that is because I normally (through my observations), dispel the most common opinions about any given subject. That is not my intent, but I must say that I often find the most common thoughts on the issues of the day, to be the least examined.

Aaron Andrews. What that pervert did to Aaron Andrews in viewing and filming her sans clothes, while she was in the (paid for) privacy of her own Marriott Hotel room, was not only disgusting, in my mind it was criminal and he should also culpable for civil damages. Marriott is also culpable for some civil damages. They need to exercise reasonable care to assure their guests safety from such invasions of their privacy. That having been said, Marriott did not put up those peep holes and allow guests to watch Ms. Andrews. Once again, we are making a business (Marriott), the villain, because they’ve got the money. Seventy five million dollars, is an attempt to get rich (especially for the law firm), not achieve justice. Once again someone is attempting to become rich and famous (the law firm), with little thought to right and wrong.

I would imagine most opinions on this subject will say either that 75 million is the least they should expect, or others would say that the perpetrator (that was the man, not Marriott), should be legally spanked but no money should change hands. Personally I could see pursuing legal action to the maximum for the man who did this, and maybe 3 or 4 million dollars to compensate Aaron (and of course those lawyers), for this awful invasion of her privacy.


I have discovered that in addition to the political/social liberals who occasionally visit this blog, and love to hate me for my political/social/religious commentary, I actually have attracted a small number of conservatives as well. Depending on whether you’re reactionary in nature, or a “true, principled conservative”, you will probably be angry with me after you read the next section.

When Donald Trump first began his candidacy, I wrote piece on this blog, not supporting or opposing him, but exploring the phenomenon of his support, and why I believed it was occurring. The fact that he did not need financial support, and therefore should owe nobody, and because of that was willing to say the things that most normal people were thinking, is what I ascribed his early success to. That was probably accurate but what about his continued success?

One thing I’ve recently found out is that in crossover primaries, which are elections where you do not declare yourself for one party or another, but simply cast your ballots for (only) one side, there are a lot of people who normally vote Democrat, who are now voting for Donald trump. There are two factions. One is the ardent Democrat who knows that the best thing that could happen to their party is to see Donald Trump as the Republican candidate, and a lot of blue-collar Democrats who are tired of their party’s stance on illegal immigration and other issues. Then of course there are conservatives and even some Republicans, also voting for him.

I do not apologize for my statements below, but I do give warning to those of you political conservatives, who will be angered by what I have to say.

Donald Trump is an egomaniacal narcissist. That’s not why I oppose him. Hillary Clinton is the same. Barrack Obama is the same. They just have different styles. I oppose him because he is a fraud. You cannot discount his entire past life and say he has changed. He is a lifelong supporter of Democrats and Democrat/socialist policies. He was a supporter of Jimmy Carter, Mr. Clinton, Mrs. Clinton, John Kerry, and more. Yes he has also supported Republicans. He butters his bread on both sides because he has no true belief system of his own. He asked for Bill Clinton’s opinion on whether he should run for President this time or not. Bill Clinton is no fool, so he encouraged him to do so. Yes, you should definitely run. He (Trump) has stated his desires (before this campaign) to raise taxes, have federal gun control laws, and allow the federal government to take properties from its citizens for the expansion of big business. As he begins the necessary act of laying out some actual future policies he would pursue, he has promised more and more spending, with no cuts. The deficit and the debt, will balloon beyond reach if his policies become law. That policy is one of a liberal Democrat.

Donald Trump will owe hundreds of millions of dollars to contributors if he is selected as the Republican candidate. You say no, he spends only his own money. He is lining up contributors for the general election as we speak. Those contributors will not only be asked to pay his bills in the general election, but to reimburse him for what he is spending now. He will owe a lot of favors, to a lot of people, just like all candidates do.

Statement. Donald Trump is a successful billionaire business man. That’s true, sort of. He buys what he wants, and builds what he wants, whether he can pay for it or not. It’s all about him. He has declared bankruptcy three times and has left many financial backers without the money they were owed.

If you are an ardent Trump backer, especially if you are normally a conservative or a Republican, do you not understand what material the liberal press has to crucify him with, when the general election begins. Every filthy wart in his personal and business past, every weird action, that is now being kept quiet, will be broadcast to the world. Right now, Democrats and liberals ( the press), are happy to make fun of him and only talk about the obvious flaws and statements he makes. Most of them want him to win the Republican nomination. He cannot win a general election. He would need votes from a sizable section of the female voting population, he would need some black votes, he would need at least 20% of the Hispanic electorate, and other minorities. He would need votes from Libertarians (most Republicans receive some). He would need the votes of 70% of all white, male voters. If he were to win the Republican nomination, you would see (my opinion) him run to the political left of Hillary (or Bernie), in an effort to take some votes from them. He would do that without conscience, because he has no true political point of view. If the Democrat candidacy would have been wide open as was the Republican, he likely would have run as a liberal/socialist Democrat.

Life can be difficult and sometimes we have to look beyond our primal urges, and what our emotions drive us to do, at least when we support political candidates.

Well, I guess I pi**ed off pretty much everyone with that section.


When you hear someone say that the U.S. Constitution, is a “fluid” document that needs to be reinterpreted with every generation, you are hearing someone who does not believe in the Constitution, and wants to craft it to fit their personal belief in “the way things ought to be”. That document works eternally. Of course they wrote it not knowing the changes that were to come. That only means that you need to understand how something that is happening today, relates to the era when the Constitution was written. You don’t change the meaning of the document to fit the times, you interpret the current times and issues to find the parallels it has with the times when that document was written.

The world is full of “Christians” that seek to do the same thing with the Bible. They “bend” the Bible to say what they want it say, so they can be excused in doing whatever they want to do. Or they bend it to conform with political correctness, so they don’t have to give anyone the hard news about sin, or the good news about Salvation. The Bible was written for eternity. One only has to look at today’s world to find the parallels it has with those times. You interpret the Bible the same way the Apostles (through God’s Words from the Holy Ghost) did, and learn how to “see” those relating subjects from that time.

If God had the Bible written using examples from future times (He could if he wanted to), which time would he choose. The year 81. How about the years 880-900?.  What about 1822? Maybe 1955?  Oh I know, 2016. Just think how silly that concept is.  Great manmade documents, and certainly the Word of God, are written within the world that exists at the time it is written, but it’s written to be universally used the way it is, for eternity.  We interpret the world of today, to find the commonalties it has with the times that document, or that Great Book, were written.

Do you not know, during the time of and shortly after Christ walked this earth, there were those saying the same thing about the Old Testament of the Bible. Remember, Jesus knew and quoted the Old Testament of the Bible.

I am not sure there’s a human being left in this world, that I would trust to change our Constitution to fit today’s world. I am absolutely sure, there lives not a single human being that I would (or do) trust to perform that act on the Bible. I include myself with the rest of the world in the above statements. Reinventing the U.S. Constitution to suit myself is above my skills (or anybody’s) and knowledge, and doing that with the Bible (God’s Word), is heresy and would surely give me a trip south instead of north when it is all said and done.


Well, I thank you for allowing me to lighten the burden I carry inside, by sharing my opinions and observations. It is cathartic at the very least.

Carry on,                                                                                                                                                   Wayne


This section is meant to address some current happenings concerning Donald Trump. It changes none of my opinions above, as far as Trump himself are concerned..

Currently when Donald Trump makes a speech, there are protests being held, and violence and property damage is occurring. These are in no way, the responsibility or fault of Trump. The fault rests squarely on the shoulders of the thugs who commit those acts of violence, and the so-called community leaders who instigate them. America’s inner-cites are overflowing with self-serving, power-whores who’s only true concern is to promote themselves into a greater position of power, and to disrupt, the peaceful flow of a great country.

As a nation, we are doomed to failure if we do not hold individual people responsible, for their actions.






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