Wild About Animals

One of the most popular subjects for photographers has always been, and hopefully always will be, wild animals. It’s a subject in which I certainly had a serious involvement. I love being in the company of animals. As a photographer, sometimes I won and sometimes I lost, but it was worth it every time.

If there is any photographic subject that experience and careful study will benefit you, this is it. Long lenses help as well.

Our first shot today comes from Facebook friend Sharon Landis. What an awesome action shot of a Peregrine Falcon. Just above water level with drops trailing behind. Sharon is one of the best action wildlife photographers who’s work I’ve seen, and I look forward to many more of her fine images.12710983_1750967721789864_6724486920711017154_o

One of my “go to” wildlife photographers is Charles Glatzer. Wild animals don’t have to be in extreme action for photographers to make compelling images. A Bison in the wicked winter of Yellowstone N. P. is hardly a new concept, but nobody does it better than Charles.12552949_1212144805480575_6791884412768230513_nCharles Glatzer Bison

Colorado’s Dan Walters is another wildlife photographer that I return to over and over again. I love this “in your face” picture of a hawk. Look into those eyes!12491757_10206060853935662_3940632291437704126_oDanWalters Hawk

David Hemmings is internationally known for his bear images. Wildlife photography (and life) is all about timing. Patience, patience, patience…….then fire away. Awesome shot David.69b040_72f4e5d6c2a648d5929d60e011c25cdcDavidHemmings

The photographers above bring us pretty close to photographic nirvana when it comes to making pictures of wild animals. Today’s equipment makes a lot of things possible, but ultimately it is the same great photographers who continually bring home the images. The cream does rise to the top.

Have a great day and God Bless,                                                                                                            Wayne



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