Let There Be Light

It is light of course, that is the essence of all photography. In reality, light is the food of life.

I have decided to keep it simple with today’s post, by only sharing four pictures and a few thoughts about them.

National Dog Day has just passed, and admittedly I previously had no idea such a day existed.

Bev Pettit posted a very unusual combo picture of her dog and a dramatic landscape on Facebook. Of all the pictures of people’s dogs Facebook on Dog Day, I thought this to be the most unusual. I love the light in this shot and the image could easily stand on its own as a landscape without her cool dog in the photo.1Bev Pettit

I also love (there’s that word again) this Donald Withers picture. It’s compositionally beautiful the way that the warm color (yellow), is just a splash on the cool horizon.  All great light is not found at sunrise/sunset. The light in this image accentuates the true colors and lets them shine through.2Donald Withers

Of course those of you who know me, know I love close-ups of flowers, insects and other subjects, when they float in the dark. I especially enjoy those images when they are made naturally through careful composition and use of light and shadow. In this case, I think the shadow was aided by some editing, but I still love this image. This beautiful photo belongs to Maarten Appel.3Maarten Appel

For my tastes, there is nothing in outdoor photography quite like dramatic light on an equally dramatic landscape. This Adam Burton photo is one of the most drama filled, I have seen. Great work!  Come on now, don’t you just want to be there?4Adam Burton

Thanks for stopping,                                                                                                                    Wayne

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