Today I have three awesome images by three great photographers. Like all photographs, they show only brief moments in time.  A fraction of a second, that will last forever.

Yosemite Valley is certainly one of the world’s most photographed locations. There are reasons for that, and the Suzanne Mathia picture below, is one of them.Suzanne Mathia Yosemite Valley

Sometimes things just seem to come together. It takes a great photographer to see the possibility and bring to fruition, an image that will transfer the power of the moment to  future viewers.  Roy Sim captured that moment of this beautiful Starling and a flower, just as everything came together.Roy Sim Starling

I love macro photography as it is the perfect vehicle for capturing the details and rhythms of nature’s beauty. Abstract artist Kerry Drager (as usual) shows us how it’s done. The light, and especially the dew are but brief moments in time.Kerry Drager Green Plant

I am so grateful that I have been willing and able, for most of my life, to get out of bed at whatever hour I needed, to do what I wanted to do. As a photographer, it brought to my photo files, thousands of images of sunrises and subjects that were covered in the “sweet light”. At sunrise the nocturnal animals are still on the prowl, and the critters of the day are opening their sleepy eyes and moving out into a new world bathed in light. Add to that, all of those insects and plants that are still covered with a fresh inviting blanket of dew, and  I wouldn’t trade a single one of those moments, for all the sleep in the world.

Good Morning Sunshine

In this particular instance, a young female Whitetail Deer posed graciously for my camera in the early morning light.


Photography and life, is but a series of moments that are either experienced or missed. Don‘t miss too many of them.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                             Wayne


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