The Price of Freedom

As is always the case, the words below are a collection of my opinions. They are based on my observations and personal experiences and are to be accepted or denied as you wish.

Freedom has always had a high cost, whether it be the gaining of freedom, or the maintaining of it. Untold millions have given their lives to secure and keep our basic freedoms.  The price of freedom runs deeper than just war.

Here in the U.S., a couple of times a year, some kook goes berserk and guns down and kills a group of our citizens. Sometimes it is a cold blooded premeditated act of terrorism, but often it the seemingly crazy act of an unbalanced American. Subsequent investigations often show there were signs that the other people in this person’s life, should have noticed. Most say it is at least partially the fault of those who did nothing. In a few cases, they are correct. For instance, those circumstances where the killer was already in the mental health system for previous acts, and was kicked out because some uninformed bureaucrat hadn’t yet made a “big’ decision that day. More often though, that’s not the case.

Do we want to live in a society, a “big brother” country, where anytime a citizen thinks a co-worker, a relative, or a neighbor is odd or a little strange, the “authorities” come and get them? What about you and me, might somebody think we’re a bit odd at some point and sic the authorities on us?

Who gets to make the final decision on people’s lives? If outpatient therapy is deemed to have failed, the lock-up is of course next.  Who will make the decision on whether you become locked up, or remain free?

Do not misunderstand me. The reason for forming a government, is for protection. Our armies are to protect us from foreign evils, and our police are here to protect us from our fellow citizens. Our doctors are to protect us from physical and emotional disease. We should support them. In fact I support our police and respect them. I am an honest citizen so they are my friends. Just the same, when their job is defined as invading our personal lives, and taking away our inalienable rights, they become just another over reaching government agency. Luckily, that has not been an issue so far in America.

We cannot pre-visualize every violent act. There is danger in freedom. That fact has never prevented this nation from choosing freedom in the past. Today there are large groups of Americans, many not surprisingly, a part of the liberal government, that would choose the “perceived” safety of big brother, over freedom.

Freedom is why we must never take guns away from our (non-criminal) citizenry. Freedom can also carry with it the responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones, against violent criminals and sociopaths, and also against a totalitarian government, should that occur.

The reason we have so much violent crime in America, is not weapons, it is people. We have a nation that truly no longer teaches respect for human life. We are generations deep in fatherless children due to the so called Great Society of the 1960s. We kill millions of unborn children pretending they are merely masses of tissue. In some cities such as Milwaukee, we allow mothers to “roll over” on their infants and toddlers and kill them. For those of you in this area, do you not wonder why this doesn’t happen for a year at a time, and then there are ten of these “incidents” in three weeks?

In the Milwaukee, WI area, we have a major music festival every year called Summerfest. During one particular Summerfest there was a Marine recruiting station on site. They had a simulator in their tent that allowed potential recruits to experience a training session, which is based on possible battle scenarios. Of course armies are there to protect us and when necessary, they kill people and break things to accomplish that goal. That is true of every armed force in the world.

There is/was a local group of liberal do-gooders in this area who goes around acting indignantly about anything they view as not fitting their philosophy. They will threaten to protest, and eventual shut downs events and businesses, unless, you do as they order. They stated that the Marine simulator was violent and should not be at Summerfest. They also stated they would protest at the admission gate until they removed the simulator. A cowardly Summerfest administration agreed. Next to the Marine recruiting station was a video game (simulators) tent. Among the games was Grand Theft Auto. Along with stealing cars to gain points, a part of this game was killing a cop to gain extra points. Bonus points if you will. There were other games there that demeaned woman, and suggested rape. They never asked that those games be removed, because this liberal group could care less about violence. As long as they liked the killers, and hated the victims, it mattered not at all about the violence.

Identifying who to listen to, and who to reject (you should never ignore anybody), is a big part of all political and social discussion. Common sense goes a long ways, but it is not so common today. When you remove common sense, and a moral center ground, freedom will become a mere memory.

To borrow a line from Tom Petty, “everybody’s had to fight to be free”.

Freedom always has a price.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                                       Wayne

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