Words or Action?

I love words and I do believe they are important, just the same, sometimes words do not tell the story.

I began to “live with” the idea of a Donald Trump presidency when I learned to listen less, and look more. I now pay a little less attention to what Trump says, but watch carefully what he does. In fact, his actions do usually mirror his words…sort of.

The cabinet he put (action) together matches almost everything he spoke (words) of during his campaign. His inauguration speech (words), was hated by the left, and loved by the right, but his ambitions for action (as spoke with words), while more than anyone could complete, will be accompanied by actions. In other words, even his boastful and blusterous words, are a harbinger of who he is, which is totally a man of action.

Between the election and the inauguration, he accomplished (actions) more I believe, than any president in history. He doesn’t hit the ground running, he begins while he is still in mid-air.

How he runs (action), is more significant than anything he says (words).

Those ambitious words he spoke during his inauguration, as hated as they might be by many, will be accompanied with an attempt to bring each and every one of them to fruition. His actions may fail his words to some degree, but he will still get more done than most previous presidents combined. He is cut of a different mold than much of this planet. We (all of us) just have to make sure, that we watch what he does and learn to simply smile at how he says things.

I am told, that after he took his oath, and while he was still speaking, the White House website, had already lost (action) its page on global warming. That was about ten minutes after he took the oath. If this is true, while he spoke (words) to the nation, an underling was taking “action” to begin affecting change (action).

Yes I love and care about this planet but I do applaud that action.

Like him, love him, dislike him or hate him, this is going to be one wild ride.

God Bless,



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