Taking Sides

I’ve written many times on the pages of this blog that I am neither a Republican or a Democrat.  I have always treasured my independence and do not want to feel that I am in any way obligated to cast my lot with any one party or thought process. I know many of you belong to a party and believe that you can always work to affect change in an organization if you belong to it. That’s a worthwhile endeavor and I am glad that everybody does not do what I do. I have said many times, that the most important part of “this life” to me, is freedom, especially from the things of “this world“. Besides, if I belonged to a political party it is likely that I would cause discord of some small fashion.

I’ve also mentioned on these pages that I was a fairly hard-core political/social liberal at one time. That meant that I virtually always voted for Democrats. My personal evolution came at first slowly, then it washed over me like a tidal wave. That means in recent years I have voted almost entirely for Republicans. I used to have to force myself to pull the lever (mark the ballot) for some Democrats, and in recent years I’ve had to do the same for some Republicans. There are some ups, and many downs to either party.

With all that said, I’ve witnessed a change in American politics in recent years that is beyond philosophical, or even practical acceptance. The Republican party hasn’t necessarily gotten any better, but the Democrat part has become ruled by socialists, freedom takers, and above all enslavers, holding groups of people hostage as voting blocks. They only care about them when they can use them to make political points. Shortly thereafter, they are thrown upon the compost heap, waiting for the next election, or opportunity to promote themselves as do-gooders.

The Democrats have removed God from their party much as they wish to with America. They have done that twice officially. If you fancy yourself a believer of God, or perhaps a Christian, remember that.

If you look at most of the great Democrats that existed from the time of my birth, into the early 1980s, each and every one of them would have to be a Republican today, if they were to continue with what they believed. From John Kennedy, to Hubert Humphrey, today they would be demonized by Democrats in the worst possible way. From one to the other, their belief in law and order, a strong military, taking personal responsibility, hatred of socialism, and on and on and on and on, would make them modern-day Republicans.

My father was a conservative Democrat. He voted for Republican Eisenhower in the 50s, but as far as I know all his other ballots were cast for Democrats. The party of his life, and the party I was brought up with, has nothing whatsoever to do with the Democrat party of today.

No I am not a lover of, or a mindless backer of the Republican party, far from it. But my love for the American Constitution, the freedom to be whatever you choose to be, the necessity to take personal responsibility for your actions, to have strong enforceable borders, my desire to see a strong economic America with the freedom to create new businesses without death by regulation and taxes, keeps me on the other side of the universe from today’s Democrat.

Many organizations today “whore” themselves out to the Democrats.

The NAACP was created for all the right reasons. It is sad what they have become. They are just another tool of all those “USERS” on the political left (Democrats). They race bait and they oppose everything that can help in providing a level playing field where inner city blacks can lift themselves out of the violence torn inner cities of America.

“NAACP opposes school choice & charter schools for black kids. They are wholly owned slaves of the Democrat Party. Nothing more than criminal apologists.” Sheriff David Clarke  https://mobile.twitter.com/SheriffClarke?p=s

“The Democrat Party uses the @NAACP as a gatekeeper in keeping black kids shackled to failing K-12 public schools in ghettos. Shameful.” Sheriff David Clarkectmulklw8aeeo3c

It might be sad to choose an often hard to understand, crude man for president because he is on the other side from Democrats. I and many others tried to promote other candidates  rather than Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president. The facts however are, that he won a fair and honest election. Hillary Clinton was anointed the nominee of the Democrat party almost eight years ago. The primary election was a fraud. Old Bernie Sanders was merely a joke for those who really knew. It’s hard for even a pathological liar who commits serial crimes to lose, when everybody from the current president to the appointed head of the FBI is shilling for you. For those who might tell the truth, you will be at best destroyed, and at worst you may experience a short life.

Let the fraud begin. So far there have been two major incidents of attempts to register dead people to vote in the coming election. Of course, they were in heavily Democrat districts. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Every provable incident of voter fraud since 1996, has been Democrat voter fraud. Yah, they’re (Democrats that is) concerned about everybody’s right to vote (sarcasm)….illegally….twice….as someone else, etc. If they ever, and it’s unlikely, find a legitimate case of Republican voter fraud, watch just how fast the Democrats pursue voter ID.13606943_1069089243139952_8749329868889954470_n

I long for the time when you could look at the candidates, and make a selection on the individual positive characteristics of a given candidate. Today it is about choosing the party that has the least negatives. For me, that’s an incredibly easy choice.

Whew!! While I enjoy writing about politics and social issues, I am ready for photography, and the poetry and rhythm that accompanies it. Next time!

God Bless, Wayne

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