Reality Check

I am still a couple of days away from returning to photography posts, but frankly, they seem trite and unimportant right now. These are difficult and history making (shattering?) times.

Warning!! I will not entertain thoughts or words by anyone who says that I am condoning what Donald Trump said in that video. It is disgusting and should be criticized. It has in fact been rightfully criticized by everyone from his Vice Presidential candidate/partner, to his wife. I mentioned in a previous post that I would never, at anytime in my life, say something like that. I also mentioned that a few times in my life, I have been with guys who made crude vulgar statements that were even worse than what Trump said. Most were normal guys and at least two, were great guys who went on to wonderful lives, always showing respect for woman. I also confessed, that I neither chastised them, or agree with them, but I did smile, as to remain “one of the boys”. I also confessed, that while I would never be so vulgar and disrespectful of women, I have said things I would not want repeated.  All in all, I can remember a few hundred times when men uttered a single phrase comment that was as bad as Trumps. Sorry ladies!

For two different periods of my life, I am speaking of that previous life that was wrapped up in drinking alcohol and frequenting night clubs, my drinking/party partners were woman. With one group, I was dating one of the women, and we would go out together with her friends. Anywhere from one to five of them. One night we were sitting at a table in a drinking/dancing type establishment, the ladies (after some drink) began checking out the guys in the room. They began appraising the bodies of some of those guys and eventually that appraisal became (at the very least) R rated. A few drinks later, they began recounting X rated descriptions of men who had been in their lives. I neither hated it or enjoyed it, but I do remember thinking, they are ‘almost” as bad as some men I have known. Now those women did not suggest molesting the men, but their descriptions were graphic and even vulgar. I am sure that they did not spend their lives talking like that, but then again, neither did the men I spoke of earlier.

I have no doubt there will be more coming from Trumps enemies. Video, audio, you name it.  I am sure, that Trump speaks like that quite often. Boastful and dirty. We need to decide for ourselves what carries the most importance right now. For me, it’s the horror of a fully left-wing Supreme Court. How many state located federal judges can Hillary Clinton appoint in four years? Right now, we are being governed by a liberal (I am being kind) judicial system that is taking away the power of the people. We elect officials to govern, and when they do, the judiciary (often appointed) decides those decisions must go.

Maybe it’s time we all take a reality check.

Words do mean things, and they are worthy of our examination, especially with people who are seeking the highest post in the land. That said, words are chicken feed compared to deeds. Words are tossed around pro and con, to convince and to even to shock. Many deeds, done by a candidate, or for a candidate by his/her lackeys, can never be undone.

There is a difference in crude behavior and bad taste, and the destruction of some people’s lives, and the loss of others. One side in this election has done the first, and the other the second.

Hillary’s love affair and idolatry with the personage of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, is legendary. In addition to what you see on this poster, Sanger was a member of the Communist Party, and is famous for her statement that the best thing parents could do for their young children is to kill them.


In 2016 she reiterated in a speech, her admiration of the charming Ms. Sanger as she proudly accepted the Margaret Sanger Award. It is an award that she richly deserves.

We all pick our own idols and who they are, speaks volumes about us.









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