Go Figure

Well, a political pun dent I am not. I wrote a post yesterday with the intent of publishing it today. I just deleted that post. In that article, I ruminated on what a Hillary Clinton administration will be like. Most of you know that I am not a Hillary supporter, but there is a time to admit defeat. I assumed, mostly by the polls, that Donald Trump would lose the Presidential race on Tuesday, and therefore, I penned a post about what a Hillary-America would be like. Go figure! I guess nobody will be hiring me any time soon to comment on politics.

As most of you know, I am a political conservative who did not support Trump in the primary elections. I (very) begrudgingly, eventually decided to vote for a triumphant Trump……triumphant Trump? Sounds like a word game. I digress. After that, I have written many articles on what’s wrong in America and why Trump is maybe not the preferred choice, but in my opinion, the only choice.

I voted (legally) for Trump well before Tuesday’s general election, and sat down on election eve, for a long night of watching the results. Bit by bit, piece by piece, I began to realize that there was indeed a revolution in progress. Blue collar Democrats, original “Trumpsters”, most Republicans, and millions of average everyday Americans who are tired of being p****d on, decided to say “no more” to the elitist liberal establishment. That establishment, took normal hard-working Americans for granted, as they spewed their brand of leftist philosophy. They normalized the worst in people, and ignored the best.  Regular people with decent values, were trampled by the likes of President Obama and a corrupt Hillary Clinton. Those regular people showed their courage Tuesday and made the only decision they could. Sometimes you have to get dirty to do what’s necessary.

Donald Trump will give us a wild ride, and at times you will see my disagreements with him on these pages. I would rather suffer through that, than be a part of the liberal/socialist elite, that takes the foundation of my nation, that being the people who make this nation great, and treats them like peasants too dirty to touch.

We are a fractured nation. As people like me, pounded on Obama and Clinton, people like many of you will pound on Trump. That is all unfortunate, but it is the burden we carry in the 21st Century. Hopefully, we can try to find the glue to repair that fracture.

I am OK today, I hope you are too!

Have a great day,                                                                                                                           Wayne


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