Hatred + Ignorance = ?

During the many marches/protests that have been going on here in America, which are by design, meant to be protests against democracy ( the results of a democratic election), we have seen billions of dollars of costs to taxpayers, business owners and more. There has been enormous costs just to provide police protection. Honest law-abiding citizens have been inconvenienced, people have been shot, and at least one child died (murdered really) when the rioters intentionally stopped an ambulance from getting through.

Where is Hillary Clinton? Where is Barack Obama? They care not about the death and destruction.  I guess you cannot expect two criminal anarchists to change their spots. Their friend and accomplish, Marxist/billionaire George Soros, as I am sure you know, is paying protesters (rioters) to do this. Liberal universities are actually offering degree credits for rioters. Any thinking person, I repeat myself, any thinking person, knows exactly who and what Clinton, Obama and Soros are. Self-serving demigods, who merely want power, and who manipulate and use the poor, to achieve their ends. In the case of the rioters, they make use of a spoiled generation (some not all) of self involved cowards, who in many cases are simply too ignorant to know what is happening. They have been educated by another spoiled and self-serving group of so-called educators, who never grew up. From preschool to graduate school, propaganda each and every day.

We have a constitutional right to free speech, including the statements made via peaceful protest. We have no right to riot, practice violence, or to step on the rights of others.

Why is it that, it is always those who throw around words like racist in a cavalier fashion, who are the cheaters, the liars, the haters and the cowards?

Let’s take a look at the term racist as it is used by those on the political left to describe Donald Trump.

Has that term changed its meanings? When was Donald Trump racist? For anybody who may be reading this that has received an education in the past 15 years I will explain that there are three races.

Mongoloid. Eastern Asian Orientals. By nation that would include most Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc., and most full blooded Native Americans. They have similar skin colors.

Negroid. This means people with origins in central to southern Africa. They are considered to be black, but of course like with all attempts to “colorize” races, they are not.

Caucasian. This race originates in a wide portion of the world including North Africa, the Middle East, and some of Asia, but is mostly attributed to Europe. They are called whites. Actually, skin tones of Caucasians range from very light to deep olive. Nobody of course is actually white. If you are Caucasian, put your hand next to a white piece of paper.

The colors of all people are really just variations of the same color.

The terms Mongoloid and Negroid, are now considered demeaning by the political left (I agree with that), but not Caucasian. That seems racist to me, but of course they would never be racist.

The truth is, I would be happy to actually discard any thoughts of separate races, but liberals insist that everybody but them are racist. You cannot have racism without separate races. The political left continually reminds us of the differences. Nobody has done more to keep the separation of races front and center than liberals.

I know of no point, when Donald Trump has practiced any form of discrimination against any race. In fact, as we will discus later, just the opposite.

If the American left, who so loves to throw around the term racist, means that his comments about ending illegal immigration were racist, then I am baffled.

Mexico is nation, Being Mexican means you are a citizen of that country. Mexico has people of all three races living there. Most are of Spanish and other European descent. They are mostly Caucasian, just like Donald Trump. I grew up with Mexican Americans, and some are mixed Spanish and Native American. Native Americans are Mongoloid, so is that what they mean by racist? Not really.

Racism is merely a term (as the political left uses it) that when hurtled at somebody, should not be questioned. In other words, that’s it, it’s done! If you are called racist, you are unacceptable, no defense can be offered.

The true racists are those who use that term to bring harm to others, as is often done by the elitist liberal establishment. I have heard them call black conservatives racists when they had not seen a picture, and did not know their color.

Donald Trump, has purchased several posh country clubs in his life. In New York, Florida and other places. Several had genuinely discriminatory membership qualifications, when he bought them. Discriminatory practices against blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and even woman were abolished immediately by Trump. He has had many prominent conservative blacks in his campaign. Virtually, every slightly right of center Black American in this country, supported Trump over Hillary Clinton. They know who the true racists are. That would be those who want to hold down whole races of people keeping them in need and in voting blocks. Held prisoner by a lack of recourses and by crime. Did you know that Donald Trump met with black leaders more often than Clinton during the campaign? She took them for granted, he did not. He received the largest black vote for a Republican presidential candidate since 1960. Almost one out of every three Hispanic voter has voted for Trump, despite all the negative propaganda.

Mind you, I am actually not against using descriptive terms to describe people. I think when I call somebody a liberal or a socialist, you know what I mean. If I use the term Marxist, you know that is another step up the ladder.  When I use those terms, nothing will happen to those I make the object of them.  Live’s have been ruined by calling someone a racist.  They are often not ruined today, because liberals (there’s that name) have so cheapened the term, by using it frivolously, and usually dishonestly, that it no longer carries the weight that it should.  True racism, should always be fought strongly.

The photo (s) below are real. The year was 1986 not 1989, and some want to discount it, but my research proves it to be correct. One place I go to fact check is Snopes, but alas be careful, the writers at Snopes often show their biases like everywhere else. It’s a fair place to check facts when there is no political/social content.cxjbywlusaa8obz



Little known facts. Planned Parenthood’s 2014–15 annual report.

Adoption referrals: 2,024

Abortions: 323,999

One adoption referral for every 160 abortions.

Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory. Whether they do them on site, or farm them out. They could care less about what happens to children that are already here. Their goal is to eliminate.

Facebook and its Ceo Mark Zuckerberg have announced that they will soon begin to weed out the fake newsgroups that have been appearing in people’s posts and on news feeds in Facebook. I certainly agree that there are fake newsgroups appearing on Facebook. That being said, having Facebook/Zuckerberg decide what is fake and what is not, is much like letting the cat protect the birds in the henhouse. I might suggest that they begin with ABC/NBC/CBS/MSNBC/CNN/NYT/FOX/WAPO. They have all proved over recent months to be the ultimate in “fake newsgroups”. Sometimes it’s what you leave out that says who you are. Lying by omission is still lying.


As of 1/20/17, the GOP will have control of the American Presidency, the U.S. Senate, The House of Representatives, the majority of state governorship’s, state senates and assemblies/ representatives. England chose to leave the European Union, France is threatening to elect a fundamentally conservative government, Austria’s politically conservative candidate lost to the liberal by barely a hair. There is a change in the air and all of the left-wing extremists in the world, cannot stop it. It is caused by the left-wing. It is in answer to what the left-wing has done to our world. The people who make the world turn, have been often ignored, usually demeaned, and sometimes threatened. They have remained silent but they are beginning to speak out. They/we only need to stay the course regardless of how hard the fight may be.

On May 25, 2011 I published an article with the title, Tribal Conflict.


My beliefs and philosophies have not changed in over six years. My attitude has however, been adjusted in relationship to the world around me. My attitude is harsher, more confrontational, and less optimistic today. In many ways I am sad to read Tribal Conflict, and then read today’s post.  In both cases, I have been honest and true to my heart and my brain. We can only live in the world that is thrust upon us.


God Bless,                                                                                                                                                Wayne

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