The Terror of it All

The nation of Iran continues to imprison Christians, including some Christian Americans, and we continue to do nothing about it.

During the reign of this presidential administration, we have gone to the ends of the earth, to “save” journalists from Islamic terrorist regimes. I guess those journalists must not have been Christians.

Our recent pack with Iran, forces us (America, etc.) to not only give Iran 30 days notice before we inspect any facilities, but removes the previously held mandate that they must not violate human rights because of anyones religious beliefs. The pack also includes language which suggests that if Israel would destroy an Iranian nuclear facility, we would join Iran in action against Israel. As you know, many years ago, Israel bombed a facility in Iraq and we stood with Israel. Time has proved the wisdom of that move.

This president, is now standing by an Iran with nuclear weapons, and an Iran that persecutes Christians.


The words below come from the Christian Post.

Iran’s revolutionary court is believed to have sentenced 18 Christian converts to prison for their faith in a new crackdown on Christianity in the Islamic Republic, a report said. (these are only recent events)

Fox News noted that the charges include evangelism, propaganda against the regime, and creating house churches to practice their faith. It added that the total sentences come close to 24 years, but it’s not known how many years each individual received, due to the lack of transparency in Iran’s judicial system.

“The cruelty of Iran’s dictatorial leaders knows no limits,” said Saba Farzan, the German-Iranian executive director of Foreign Policy Circle, a strategy think tank in Berlin.

A number of the imprisoned Christians were arrested in 2013, and sentenced in accordance with Article 500 of the Islamic Penal Code, which penalizes threats to Iran’s clerical leaders.

Morad Mokhtari, an Iranian convert to Christianity who fled the Islamic Republic in 2006, added: “Iranian religious authorities prefer that they [converts to Christianity] leave Iran because the authorities can’t control them,” Mokhatari said. “Just their name is evangelism. Imagine someone says he’s a Christian and has a Muslim name.”

Christians in Iran make up a tiny minority of the 78 million-strong population, and often face persecution from the government. Watchdog group Open Doors lists the country at No. 7 on its World Watch List of nations where Christians are most heavily targeted for their faith.

Open Doors points out on its website that almost all Christian activity in Iran is considered illegal, “especially when it occurs in Persian languages — from evangelism to Bible training, to publishing Scripture and Christian books or preaching in Farsi.”

It added: “In 2014, at least 75 Christians were arrested. More Christians were sentenced to prison and pressure on those detained increased, including physical and mental abuse.”

Iran’s human rights record has faced great scrutiny, especially in light of a historic nuclear deal it reached earlier this year with the U.S. and other Western nations, which promises to lift international sanctions on Iran in exchange for restricting its nuclear program. The American Center for Law and Justice and other groups have said that the deal should not be finalized until Iran shows clear signs it is willing to improve its treatment of Christians — and release the American Christians it currently holds in its prisons, including pastor Saeed Abedini.

U.S. Senator Mark Kirt, R-Ill., has added in a statement: “The Iranian regime’s systematic persecution of Christians, as well as Baha’is, Sunni Muslims, dissenting Shiite Muslims, and other religious minorities, is getting worse not better,” Kirt said.

“This is a direct consequence of President Obama’s decision to de-link demands for improvements in religious freedom and human rights in Iran from the nuclear negotiations.”


The words below come from a jpg that was shared on Facebook. I copied the words exactly, but chose not to share the jpg itself because it carried an image of the male half of the husband and wife killing team in the San Bernardino murders. His likeness is pretty generic and he appears a bit too much like anyone of that ethnicity regardless of their beliefs.

Syed Farook, was living the “American Dream”.

His government job paid him more than $70,000 a year, including full benefits.

He was allowed to leave work in the middle of the day for prayer. He was allowed a month off with pay, to visit Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

He and his wife were given a baby shower by their cow-workers…..the same co-workers he shot and killed during a holiday part party in San Bernardino. Even more would have died if the pipe bomb he brought with him had gone off. If this isn’t radical Islamic terrorism, what is?

I have no doubt that the post above was shared by a political conservative. It was loudly criticised by those from the left, with the usually sort of rhetoric. They of course screamed that the sharer was a racist, and he was a hater of Islam. I carefully examined the jpg and its words and then asked the question, is there something here that is not true. I mean, I am used to the American left calling people names in effort to discredit them, but is the post true? It seems as though it is, although I would take issue with he term “radical Islam” This is fundamentalist Islam. They did just exactly what the Quran would tell them to do. I joined the debate and simply asked those who hated the posting of that jpg, and who called everyone who agreed with it haters, what was untrue about it. I asked firstly because I wanted to know if it was untrue, and secondly if those critics were just more from the usual American left who do not value the truth.

Of course, our president and other leaders that he identifies with, have still refused to call this Islamic terrorism. Did he not hear the words of martyrdom that the young woman had recited? It seems that she (an immigrant) is affiliated with known Islamic terror groups. The leader of this nation is dishonest, and shirks his job to protect Americans of all beliefs. The number one job of our government, has always been to protect its citizenry at all costs.

(Update) Our government has now announced that this was indeed an act of terror. As is always the case, the word Islamic is missing. I have not heard yet from our president which is of course extremely unusual. I am used to seeing him on TV each and every day of my life. I am sure, he will be forced to comment and condemn terrorism. Always listen carefully to every word he speaks. What he leaves in, and what he leaves out.

For those of you who have followed the Syrian refuge issue, and have been told not to worry, we will check those immigrants for terrorist ties, this woman, had terrorist ties that were discovered easily by truth-seeking members of the press. Our government either missed them completely, or ignored them in an effort to put political correctness over the well-being of America.

I value this next part of my message as much as the rest.

Nobody has the right to harass Muslims. That does not mean that we are supposed to go through life with our eyes and ears closed, worrying more about offending somebody than we do the health and well-being of our people.

For many years I ran a series of sales routes. Many of the owners or managers of my small stores and gas stations, were Muslim. I always, I will repeat that, I always treated them with the utmost politeness and respect. There were some that I came to know and like.  If I were running a route today, that civility and decency would remain intact. The one difference would be that I would my eyes and ears open. My Father did not raise me to be a fool.

Emotional vigils, and tear filled symbolic gestures (after the fact) make us feel good, but have no substance if they do not include literal calls or ideas for fighting potential acts of terror of all kinds, including Islamic terrorism.


Tomorrow, we here in the U.S. will remember the attack on Pearl Harbor and other military bases in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. I have traditionally shared a special post to honor those who died there, and those who survived and served bravely, including my own father. I will forgo those memories this year. I will however leave you with this. The Japanese had previously, publicly stated that they would attack America. We took those threats lightly and had to scramble to replenish our diminished military (FDR). As a nation, we had been trying to ignore what Hitler was doing in Europe. We finally did the right thing and with great valor, we led the way to the defeat of both Hitler, and Japan. We need that attitude of patriotism, self-preservation, and the willingness to help the rest of the world who suffer at the hands of what is now, 50 years of killing and terror by Islamic terrorists.


God Bless, and our prayers for a day when peace will reign, are always foremost,


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