Lucky Seven

I went a bit heavy on the wildlife images for today’s guest photographer post. I kept finding great wildlife images everywhere I looked for images, so the final tally is wildlife six, and landscape two. Those eight images were made by seven superb photographers, and we are indeed privileged (lucky) to be able to view their work.

As is normal, when I cruise Flickr Photos for images to share, I generally look no further than my own group, Earth Images.

Gray Clements has been a longtime friend/contact/ (and member of Earth Images) of mine on Flicker, and it’s about time I shared one of his excellent pictures. This is a Common Sandpiper.1Common Sandpiper Gray Clements

Laurie Rubin is surely America’s finest zoo photographer. I am sure it helps that she shoots at some great zoos that have a wide selection of healthy animals and a lot of natural habitat. It also helps that she is talented and has an amazing flair for making such images.2You've Got The Cutest Little Monkey Face © Laurie Rubin_LAR6534Sand Diego Zoo

3Taxi Mom © Laurie Rubin, zoo shot

David Hemmings is correctly rated as one of North America’s top bird photographers. His images are always top-notch and professional.  When you take a second look they are often amazing. Check out the talons on this Snowy Owl.4SO David Hemmings

Guido Frazzini is responsible for this image of two Great Crested Grebes courting. Well, in addition to Guido, the Grebes are also responsible . He seems to have a knack for catching everything at just the right moment.5Great Ctrested Grebe  Guido Frazzini

This adorable picture of mama Polar Bear and her three cubs was made by Mirjana Jesenek. The third cub peering over Mom’s shoulder takes this photo to another level. The cub is staring straight at the us, and that makes the image personal.62015 - 1Mirjana Jesensek

The photos above prove my long-standing opinion that wildlife subjects are in a of themselves, art.

Let’s close with a couple of outstanding landscapes, with the first coming from Dustin K. Ryan of Wingman Media Group. I love the way the upward rays from the sun carry the vertical composition to its logical conclusion, in infinity.Dustin K. Ryan

Now let us finish with another powerful landscape by artist/photographer, Ian Plant. This is the Kolob Terrace In Zion National Park, Utah. The exposure balance between the sunset background, and the detail rich foreground, tells me that this is a very well done HDR image.Kolob-Terrace-sunset,-Zion-National-Park,-Utah, Ian Plant

“Everything in creation has its appointed painter or poet, and remains in bondage like the princess in the fairy tale ’til its appropriate liberator comes to set it free.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have an amazing day,                                                                                                                     Wayne

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