Nothing Special

Today’s article is just one of those that I write when I’m in between actually having something to say. Nothing special, just a chance to meet and talk.

Downy Geese. There is nothing like some scraggly, downy goslings for a wonderful mixture of cute and ugly. Caught these guys in a two-week period in 2008.1DSC_4180




One of the (few) great things about the fact that I am not currently selling images, is that I can show the pictures that I used to leave in my files. Such is the case below.

I had just finished a nice day of Bald Eagle photography along the Wisconsin River, near Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. I was on my way home when I found a flock (or whatever they call turkeys) of Wild Turkeys scrounging for food in a previously harvested corn field. My guess is that the Sandhill Cranes, assorted geese and crows have long removed any loose corn, but winter presents difficult times for wild animals. Anyway, I enjoyed about ten minutes with this flock even though I made very ordinary images.  Memories are stirred by photos and my memories of these turkeys, remind of a day with eagles and human friends.5DSC_2298


There’s nothing like “bringing home the bacon”, or fish for the family. I worked this Osprey nesting site for three consecutive years. The photo opportunities here were not perfect, but better than other nests in this area. As always, I thanked my models when I was finished.7DSC_4333bbb

Bird feeding stations not only feed the birds, and give us a chance to see and identify a wide variety of avian friends, but they provide photographic opportunities as well. When I worked bird feeders, while I intentionally made a lot of pictures away from the feeders when the birds were on natural (photogenic) perches, but I always made plenty of pictures of birds using the feeders. Suet feeders attract a varied and interesting assortment of birds including members of the Jay family. This Blue Jay was having feast…..and providing this photographer with some nice poses.8Haw2011b 088bbb

I’ve always looked at the photography of all subjects, not just nature, to be either art, story telling photo journalism, or a combination to the two. I was always pleased to accomplish any one or more of those things.

I still remember this morning in the summer of 2006. I was headed to one of my favorite local wildlife locations when the full moon poked its head out from behind some dark, ominous clouds. My original thoughts were a telephoto shot of the moon, surrounded by darkness, but partially covered by some silhouetted clouds. I stopped and ran to set up just as the sun breached the horizon in back of me. As the clouds began to brighten with the morning light, I quickly shot a couple of images as those clouds closed the gap and covered the moon. Often nature photography is a participatory action sport.DSC_5811bbb

As spring is hitting these parts in full force, I’ll finish this post with an image taken locally of a woodland at this time of year. This rather simple and unspectacular picture is another one of those that has sat quietly in my files for several years. It is time for me to share images……..period.DSC_7595bbb

Every image in today’s post was made with my trusty Nikon 500mm f4 lens, except the forest scene, which was created at the 18mm setting of a zoom lens.

Have a great day and may God Bless,                                                                                               Wayne


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