Guest Photographers

Today we have nine pictures from nine different photographers. Only two of these fine image makers have graced these pages previously. Birds, mammals, landscapes and even one insect are included and I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy bringing them to you.

Let us begin our journey with a simple and elegant picture of a Yellow-faced Grassquit by Fred Canter.Fred Canter Yellow-faced Grassquit

Busier images can work too and this Ian Plant photo of two amazing owls is proof. The artistic order that exists in the tree and the wonderful pose by both owls, makes this shot an A+.Ian Plant, Costa Rica

I love the mid-air pose of this White-tailed Sea Eagle. Perfectly sharp as well. Kudos to Kevin Morgans for this spectacular image.Kevin Morgans White-tailed Sea Eagle

Marina Scarr has captured a very pensive Chimpanzee in a zoo. This amazingly “human like” pose (and gaze) allows every viewer to relate to the subject. It is an exceptional image.Marina Scarr zoo Chimpanzee

I love the mix of light and shadow on this cute little female Bullfinch. Nathian Brook shares the art of this little bird.Nathian Brook, Female Bullfinch

Dragonfly actions shots are always hard to come by, especially in January. This magnificent picture is of a Lesser Emperor and it was created by Paul Cools.Paul Cools Lesser Emperor

Let’s finish with three images of planet Earth.

Thomas Miller created this beautiful image from Spivey Falls, Tennessee. I am not sure whether this is in Smoky Mt. N.P. or not, but wherever it may be, who wouldn‘t want to sit and contemplate life from the spot the picture was made.Thomas-Miller Spivey Falls, Tennessee

Wow! I have actually been to this location under somewhat poorer conditions. This is Jackson Lake in the Grand Tetons and this gorgeous shot was made by Sean McDonaldu Sean McDonald Jackson Lake, Grand TetonsFinally we have a mesmerizing picture of the Eilean Donan castle ion Scotland. Robin Ojay is the artist and the traditional compositional tool of leading lines is used extremely well here. The color saturating overcast skies with storm clouds finishes off an image worthy of awardsx Robin Ojay Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                             Wayne



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