Master Class

I write a lot about photographers that I call legends. Image makers who stand the test of time, both with their photography, and their attitude. I usually put Art Wolfe at the head of the list. At 63 his passion does not seemed to have diminished at all. He also sets an example of gracious politeness we all should follow. Recently he had a great photo shoot in Iceland, and then one in Antarctica and South Georgia Island. He has been to all of these places many times. It doesn’t matter. When you are passionate, you are forever young, and forever excited to be following your dream. Recently he has been sharing pictures on Facebook in numbers that would normally come from somebody on their first great trip. Wildlife close-ups and distant shots. Behavior and art. Landscapes, both traditional and unique. Detail, shots of everything you would find in Antarctica. Abstracts galore. Abstracts of the land, Kelp, the animals, abandon buildings and everything else he can find.

Art’s images.

Today I have featured mostly detail shots from abandon whaling villages.12












I’ve always believed we should find our own path. Don’t copy others. Just the same, we do learn from others. Art Wolfe is someone to learn from.

This post is dedicated to Art, and to those with the type of spirit an outdoor photographer should have.


I wish each of you a safe and Happy New YearCopy of DeerIllinois 047


God Bless,                                                                                                                                      Wayne

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