Today’s post is meant to be a celebration of the hobby, vocation or art of photography.

I often share with you my concerns about what I am seeing in the world of photography. The “recreation” of too much of nature via software programs, believing that the technology advances in the latest cameras are what makes the photographer, and for a while, just laziness among photographers. Well, the only thing constant is change and I have recently been seeing extremely hard-working photographers taking command of the craft, and the art of photography. From rank amateurs to hard-core pros, I have been witnessing a rebirth of photography. A rebirth that includes the mind, the spirit and the body.

I love reporting good things in photography. Today I bring you thirteen photographers and their exciting imagery. Some of these artists you have seen before, and some will be new to you.

There are a couple of pictures where software techniques have enhanced the images by a fair amount. When those edits are well done but obvious (not deceptive), and are in a minority of thirteen to two, I can live with (and enjoy) that.

From David ScarbroughDavid Scarbrough

Arctic Fox by Charles Glatzer.Charles Glatzer

California by Marc MuenchMarc Muench CA

We have first an Osprey and then a turtle, both by Lana DuncanLana Duncan 2

Lana Duncan

Looking out. Artur StaniszArtur Stanisz

A brilliant black and white by Mark Littlejohn.Mark Littlejohn Photography

From Jack Zievis at Red Sail Photography.Jack Zievis RedSail Photography

Harley Davidson from the great macro/detail photographer Mike Moats.Mike Moats

A brilliant flower and dragonfly photo by GiuseppeGiuseppe

These final four photographers and their pictures, came from the pages of my group Earth Images in Flickr Photos.  Peter Skillen Photography.Peter Skillen Photography EI

Jason GowJason Glow EI

Snow Goose by Jean BlaisJean Blais EI

Sunset by Javier GonzalezJavier Gonzalez EI


I think there is something that should have been addressed by me a long time ago. I will begin by acknowledging that I have written much about passion. I am a strong believer in passion. I have shared my passions on these pages.

Photography is at or near the top of that list. When I was not making pictures, I was thinking about them. Planning images, imagining circumstances leading to pictures. Dreaming of my next shoot. I had and still have, great passion for this photography thing. It is one of my passions, but it is not an addiction. There is a difference. I gave up many things to make pictures, but I always met my obligations, and took care of life. When I was forced to work a day job (much of the time), my promises to them came first. My love of my father when he was in need, kept me out of the field when I would have loved to have been making pictures. That’s okay, because I can set a passion aside for good reasons, but an addiction would have come first. When I traveled the country with non-photographers, I often didn’t even take a camera. I put my passion aside, and concentrated on other passions. I couldn’t have done that with an addiction.

We live in a society of addicts. They’ve got to have what they want, and have it now. They have no balance. They seem happy while they feed their addiction, but it will end when they find a more powerful addiction. A passion will wait quietly while you get on with your life. It will wait until you are ready to return. A passion will allow you to take care of your “whole” life.

Balance works well in the making of great images, and it works equally well in life.


I rarely take up space for my own images on the pages of Earth Images when I am displaying the pictures of great guest photographers, but winter is in the neighborhood and will surely be knocking on our door soon.

Like autumn, winter is a moody sort of season, and the type of images than can result are infinite. Buy yourself some warm clothing and go out and use your camera to “interpret” the season. Let us see winter though your eyes.1G6BBB

I want to close by remembering all the great men and women who have served this country in our armed services.  God bless you for your sacrifice.



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