Moments and Places

Photography is not all about photography. Every time we click the shutter we have captured a moment. Hopefully those moments translate to others, but even when they don’t, they still mean something to us. When I separate out all of the f stops and shutter speeds, and equipment from my pictures, I am left with a series of moments.

The pictures below were not selected because they were special moments apart from other moments. They were picked at random, and like every image, they represent a fraction of a second of time in my life, and the life of the subject. In other words, moments.

Young Herons and Egrets are just beginning to make their first flights in these northern marshes. These were made in Illinois, a few years back.



I have shown these shots before but they are here to remind all of you that the best time for spiders (and webs), and dew, is yet to come this year. Of course many great moments come early in the morning when the dew is prevalent.



web 014

Clouds of Fire.


Ruddy Turnstone


Honey I’m Home. Osprey.

Osprey2008 024bbb

Fly by.

Copy of DSC_3514-01

Male Eastern Bluebird


Yellow-rumped Warbler


Taking a dive. I’ve spent many a happy hour with diving ducks. This is a male Common Goldeneye.


Northern Water Snake




New Mexico Lake in the afternoon light.

AbsractElMorro 014

Our entire lives are a collection of moments.



Nature photographers all have their favorite places to create pictures, and I am no different. That having been said, my favorite places (as a nature photographer) to make pictures, are not necessarily my favorite places. Places are living organisms to me. They have a look, and a personality. They become friends. They have their own mood and atmosphere. Here in Wisconsin my favorite places are Crex Meadows State Wildlife Area, Morgan Falls, Sandhill State Wildlife Area, almost everywhere along the Mississippi River/St. Croix River, and a small unnamed meadow near a public college in Kenosha county.

Do not get me wrong. I love Horicon Marsh NWR. It is the most productive (and seductive) place for not only a bird photographer, but any nature photographer in the Upper Midwest. Near home, Bong State Park is by far my most productive all around place. Of course nationally, places like Yellowstone, White Sands, Bosque del Apache and others are tops for photography in my opinion.

Crex Meadows, Sandhill State Wildlife Area and the Mississippi River and Morgan Falls hold personal memories for me that are special, and, well, personal. It is true that my favorite locations in my home state hold memories that were acquired when I was alone. That is what makes those places personal friends. They were my shooting buddies.

That little meadow close to home is special for that same reason, but it was also a secret photographic bonanza that was there when I needed it most. It is dewy there almost every morning in spring, summer and fall. Many, many of my published macros were made in this little spot. It is a place that most people (and photographers) just pass by and never even notice. When I was a caregiver for my father, and used to take him out to eat 8 times a week, time was very short (I am not complaining), but I could slip out to my “personal” meadow, and in an hour have wonderful pictures and a great memory.

When I have not been to my favorite places in a while, and that certainly is the case now, I often wonder if they are okay. How are they doing. Just like any friend.

The places we go are not just resources for images.

I thank you and please come back,                                                                                           Wayne




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