Animal, Vegetable & Mineral

Not necessarily in that order.

I have for you, four superb photographic artists today. We will begin with two abstract photographers.  Nature is their primary subject, and each has their own personal style.

Light, pattern, texture, tone and color are the building blocks of  photography.

Joanna Clegg is a UK-based photographer.  Her close-ups of flowers, plants and ice, can either be crisp in their mood and design, or soft and gentle.  She has a versatility to her abstracts which is fairly rare.

Raindrop on cabbage.cabbage-jewel

Abstract puddle.Copy of abstract-puddle

Fine Art photographer M.F. Wolik, often pursues the big picture abstract. Macro abstracts are much easier to “see” and compose then landscapes.

His first shot is a morning picture of the tidal flats of some unnamed body of water.2-tidal-ph-11-img_2601

He gets a little more personal with this moderate close-up of a salt flat.1-2010-salt-flat-20-3737

I guess I will never stop singing the praises of the great wildlife photographer Charles Gtatzer . This recent  image of a Japanese Snow Monkey was made during one of his Asian workshops.  I love that bit of rim light surrounding the monkey. Charles does not miss the mark1900044_792189847476075_1371567735_n.*******************************************************************************************

Today’s featured image is a landscape by photographer John Aavitsland .  Simple in its conception, but complex in its beauty1903012_724986914207981_1371204304_n


For those of you who have grown weary of this long cold winter, I leave you with one of my own images.  Wild Geraniums are one of my favorite flowers and to me, they always mean that spring is truly here.DSC_3336abc

.Have the best of days and may God Bless,                                                                                      Wayne

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