Everything’s Coming Up 3s

Today we have three different photographers from three different continents. They specialize in the three different forms of nature photography and I am showing you three images from each photographer.  Nope…it wasn’t planned that way…really.

Our first photographer comes from Indonesia and is a macro/close-up photographer.  You could label much of his imagery as super macro photography.  Oh those eyes! Amazing!  Shikehi GohArch2O-Insects-Macro-Photography-Shikhei-Goh-03-600x399ABC



American photographer Bruce Taubert is as varied within the genre of wildlife photography as you can get. His files are filled with birds, mammals, herps and insect photos. Bruce occasionally creates landscape images as well.  I love that coyote picture.104764628_EI8xF46T



Hailing from Belgium,  photographer Bart Heirweg is another one of those great landscape photographers who travel their own path.  He has a very distinctive style.  The first and last images below were made in Belgium, and the middle shot comes from Norway. I find the composition of his first shot very interesting and the black & white treatment of the middle picture is perfect._dsc0608_0



In some cases when I include a link to the photographers whose work appears on these pages, they might not work.  Some photographers  own two, three, and even six URLs.  I may visit their site at one web address which will fade into another when I am not looking.  I wind up copying the URL of the page where I find the images that I share, and it is not reachable through a link. Life (and the internet) works much better when you keep it simple.

I have been enjoying my journey as I bring to you the images of many different photographers.  They hail from every corner of the earth.  I attempt to make it a legitimate and important personal trip on my part.  Otherwise it would merely be an observation of someone else’s journey.   If you make everything you do personal, it will become a journey to remember.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                              Wayne

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