I Forgot to Never Forget

In my last post I know that some of you probably wondered why I published it on 9/11 but made no mention of Patriot’s Day and the horrible events of September 11, 2001.  Many of you have come to expect me to make mention of such things and I am happy that you do.  I can assure you I am still a proud American who keeps 9/11 and other significant dates of memorial in my mind and heart.  I have been staying mostly on the topic of photography as of late, but I did in fact have plans to make mention of Patriot’s Day.  My intentions were to publish my last photo article on 9/12/13 but to still mention that hallowed day.  I was reading some related materials on the internet and listening to the radio trying to come up with words to capture my mood. I let my mind wander and went to my draft of that post to proofread it, and I decided to post it, completely forgetting to add anything commemorating 9/11. My apologies.

I, like you, will keep that day in my heart and mind forever. I remember where I was and what I thought about on that day like it was yesterday.   My heart still aches both for the victims and their families, but also for the sadness I feel that there are people in this world who only know how to hate.  They claim actions like this are a legitimate war but they use the lives of those who have been propagandized since birth to complete their cowardly actions.

Maybe someday……..

Just a few pictures.

Two seasons.  This image was made in late summer/ early autumn and that timing is appropriate.  We think of dragonflies in summer and yellow leaves in fall, and this might be the only time I caught both together.  The less is more, simple is better philosophy works as well with insects as it does with birds.6A

Dragonflies are indeed one of my favorite subjects of all time.10DSC_4181

When the golden light of sunrise combines with backlight, well it’s kind of interesting.  I created an exposure between the bright light and the shadows to give me enough light on this side of the coyote without burning out the other side too badly.  I love the challenges of photography.Copy of DSC_0260

An ugly name for a beautiful flower…..Spiderwort.

BfDf 161

God Bless,                                                                                                                                           Wayne

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