Watch The Birdie…..Part 1

Let’s just enjoy some waterfowl just for the sake of what great subjects they are.  They have been the stars of much of my online photo world for a good many years.

Male Ruddy Ducks


Male Bufflehead

Male & female Red-breasted Mergansers

Female Hooded Merganser

Male Common Goldeneye

The start of a courtship display

Showing off?  It’s funny but every year in winter I would begin my photography of water birds diving. Each year was the same. My first shots would include no duck, just a small whirlpool of water. I would slowly get my timing down and the bird would start to appear in my photos. By late spring, I could photograph a bird at each and every stage.  From thinking about diving, to that familiar whirlpool, and everything in between.  It is all part of the fun of wildlife photography.

Male Northern Pintail….elegance

American Coot….less elegant but beautiful just the same

Canada Goose….winter sunrise….there is more than one way to photograph a bird.  Sometimes less detail provides a different kind of information.

Thank you and may God bless

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