A Culture of Violence

It took a lot of serious thought on my part before I decided to write about this gruesome and shameful subject. I live in the state of Wisconsin. Specifically I live in the southeastern corridor of the state.  Milwaukee is the hub of the area, with western and northern suburbs, as well as cities to the south like Racine and Kenosha.  I was born and raised here, although I have lived in other parts of my state, and in Colorado as well.  There is a culture of disrespect and violence here, that you cannot find in other areas of America, even when their population is four times what it is here. Even our violent and corrupt mentor to the south, Chicago, Illinois, is does not have a mass murder every couple of months.

The city of Milwaukee literally has gangland murders, or  domestic murders every night.  Milwaukee is a city where they seem pent on abusing, neglecting and killing babies at a rate that leads the nation. Now for the second time in two months we have another mass murder in the area.  This one happened in Brookfield, the Sikh Temple murders of August took place in Oak Creek.  Both are suburbs of Milwaukee.  Yesterday’s Brookfield murders happened in a woman’s health spa. Seven woman shot, with three dead.  The perpetrator killed himself just like the temple murderer. Why cannot they just start with suicide.  In both cases the killers were not native to the area.  It seems some people travel here and then kill.  Then again a homegrown mass murderer killed seven parishioners six years ago at a church service.  That was also in Brookfield. Is it the culture of violence in this area that draws perverse murderers?  Remember, serial killer Jeffrey Dalmer was caught in Milwaukee.  Is it not surprising that this portion of Wisconsin is the voter fraud capitol of the state?  With so little respect for the gift of human life, how could there be respect for the rights of voters.

Sometimes we just have to get things off of our chest.  It is therapy.  This blog can be therapeutic.

At some point in time honest studies need to be done about this area.  We need to see what went wrong in a part of Wisconsin that has as many good people as anyplace you’ve visited, but still manages to attract and breed the lowest form of human. I am saddened for the area in which I live.  I am saddened for all of the good people.  I am (once again) saddened for the family members that are left behind to grieve.  I am also saddened for the stigma that this creates

Violence breeds violence.  Love and caring breeds love and caring. Hopefully the latter will eventually prove more powerful than the former.

God bless,


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2 Responses to A Culture of Violence

  1. Wayne, as usual your thoughts ring true, I have no answer either why this area seems bent on self-destructing, I do live out of the immediate area but commute each and every day, as time goes on its amazing to see how things haven’t changed but gotten progressively worse, one can fault community leaders somewhat, as the way I see it they do nothing to improve conditions, people are creatures of habit, even when the habits are unhealthy. My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in this latest tragedy.

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