Have You Got a Moment?

I’ve reiterated many times on this blog, my tendency is to “live for the moment”, rather than get excited about the long haul. Plan for the future, but live for the moment. I speak of my time here in this life, not about what comes next.

Photography, still photography that is, has always been a natural for me. I appreciate great movies and other forms of visual capture, but for me it is those 1 second, or ½ second, or 1/2000th of a second images that are laden with power. I prefer short stories to entire books. I love poems or even “one liners” more than I do entire stories.

I also love paintings as well as drawings and such. One work at a time, and one moment at a time. Life is a series of moments.

My parents are remembered by me primarily in a series of moments. The same for everyone who has come and gone. Great friends. I remember specifically the great times together. Many of those times and memories, were singular and brief.

Be it the many jobs I have held, my friendships or even my marriage, they are all a series of brief moments, not one continuous story. At least not until you add up the moments.

Getting back to those moments gathered with a camera, there’s nothing quite like wild animals to share with others, brief moments of their lives. Catch them if you can.

Reflections. How long did the shorebird and/or grebe below give me to capture them with their reflections? The shorebird was ever so brief, while the grebe presented me with the opportunity for several images. They were however, all only moments.

When you find a moment, and you catch it photographically, it can last for eternity.

Moments do not need to be spectacular. Images of such work well however, when you feel like you are right there inside the lives of the subject.

You do not find Pheasants all that often in the tops of trees. Finding it, could be a moment to cherish.

Activity can be information giving, such as what does this critter eat and how do they procure it? This Goldfinch may have been scrounging up food all morning, I do not know. I do know that he only performed for me for a few seconds. Moments come and moments go.

A fraction of a moment, is all you get when a (male) Ruby-throated Hummingbird appears on the horizon. A moment frozen in mid air, and in time.

The only way to photograph two Common Loons swimming about in the sort of light you see below, is to be out in very early or late light. Moments happen all day, this sort of light only happens at the beginning or end of the day.

How long the light lasted, or how long they performed in front of me, I do not remember, but I have images to help me remember the moment.

There are moments……and then there are moments.

The two Bighorn Sheep you see below, appear to be having a moment of friendship.

Beautiful autumn grasses, and some Bighorn ewes with kids, walking along in a sort of “rhythmic” pattern, may (and did) only last for a mere moment.

Whether it be a Short-eared Owl preening, some young Marmots play fighting, or a Pica gathering winter food, you best be ready for that moment.

Sometimes it isn’t about the details. I captured this Canada Goose at sunrise along the shores of lake Michigan. Once that light weakened and lost it’s color, or that goose changed directions, this moment would have been gone. I may or may not have gotten a similar opportunity the next morning, but this exact moment would have been lost forever.

Sometimes you only capture the moment, by getting up early or staying out late.

The littlest creatures are still a part of creation. They too give us moments.

Take note with the first image of the caterpillar, working up close means that your depth of field is at a premium. In this case, with its body not being parallel to the camera, it was essential that the tip of the face or nose if you will, be sharp and in focus.

Every picture tells us about a moment in time.

Early morning light, early morning dew, some direct light but dramatic sidelight for shadows, and autumn colors. Those wrinkles in the leaf along with the shadows, add dimension. When I found this leaf, I knew it was “having a moment”, if you will. We need to be there to capture the moment.

Sunrise or sunset might be brief, or it might last a while. Regardless, it will be constantly changing. Some sunrise/sunests emit power, and some like below, are ever so delicate. That part is often about what you choose to silhouete.

Catch the moment when you can.

The light upon the land via the time of the day, as well as the coming and goings of storms, particularly in locations like mountains or deserts, make for spectacular and one of a kind images of moments.

The first two photos below were made in Colorado, the next one in west Texas, and the final two in South Dakota.

Moments come and moments go. The way to build a portfolio of images, is to let as few of them as possible get past you.

A single moment can be worth any effort required. Moments soon add up and become lifetimes.

Wow, what began as a short blog post, became pretty long. I guess I’ll have to take a moment and read it.

God Bless,

Encarta Dictionary Moment:

A brief period of excellence or interest

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