Painter’s Heaven

Painter’s Heaven

Of all the many things I cannot do, not having the ability to paint is what bothers me the most.

If I could have painted, I imagine nature in all its majesty, and maybe domestic animals would have been my subjects.

Today, biblical subjects would be my choice. Those things that would bring to mind the Bible. Below are some randomly selected images of paintings from Google images. They are Biblical in their subject matter.

From Christ washing the feet of His Disciples and showing us He can serve man, to the parting of the Red Sea and on, while the painting styles below differ, the mood and atmosphere (there are those words again), are each powerful in their own way. All paintings are inevitably subject to both the visions and opinions of the creators of those paintings.

I would never compare my mere photographs to the art of painting, or my subjects to those up above, but oft times, moody or powerful subjects treated photographically in an appropriate way, can still be make a statement.

Photography it seems, was created at least partially, for those of us who cannot paint.

Storms can be powerful subjects. One of the most powerful and beautiful locations for the visual capture of storms, are deserts. Be they in Utah, or South Dakota as they are below, or other such places, keep your photographic eye looking at the skies and the light.

The Lord made the deserts, and even people like me can record the moments that tell their story.

There is majesty in clouds. This is especially true at the “edge of the storm”, and at the edge of light. I have spent countless hours with skies. Just skies.

Animals, especially those that are wild and free, help to describe God’s creation. The so called “lower animals” make great story telling images of nature.

Morning light is a blessing for all the subjects we photograph. I know many people would not like the image below. I mean, a Snowy Egret is pure white. It has no shades of gold or orange. This Snowy has just caught a fish moments after the sun hit the horizon. Both the egret, and the sun, are natural and are from God. Like all of His gifts to us, we need to realize their naturalness, and then enjoy and share them.

Of course, little critters also are a Creation of God!

Genesis 1:30 and 31

30 And to every beast of the Earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creeps upon the Earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat, and it was so.
(there were originally no meat eaters)

31 And God saw everything He had made, and behold, it was very good, and the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

God Bless,

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