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Let us begin today with three great images from three equally great photographers.

Christopher L. Nelson (no relation), made this mood provoking, monochromatic image of layers of light. One of my favorite subjects. He created the art along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. I have been fortunate to have been there myself, once as a child with my parents, and once with my pal Ron to make photos. Nothing I did comes close to Christopher’s rendition. The composition is breathtaking.

Charles Glatzer is one of America’s premier wildlife photographers. He is also one of our best known workshop teachers. In those workshops, in between animal photos, he has been known to practice and teach the art of landscape photography. Such is the case below. When you are as good as he is, changing subjects is easy.

Finally one of my favorite Facebook photography friends Deborah Sandidge captured this gorgeous photo of one of the more beautiful and naturally artful birds in the world, a Roseate Spoonbill. Art with feathers.

How brave am I to dare to put a few of my own images on this post, to share space with the three powerful images above? In no way am I putting these pictures in that league! In fact, these are mainly some 2009 antiques of one family of Red Fox. They shared their lives with me from not long after the birth of the kits, until they found a new den in the middle of the night. All of us tried to be kind and unobtrusive to this family, but alas they wanted privacy and I do not blame them. When they moved their camp, I and my photography friends made a pact to leave them alone from that point on. That was the least we could do. I give thanks today, for a couple of weeks of amazing opportunities back then.

Finally, I’ll end with an abstraction of sorts. This was made by me at dusk, and it is a bit of Navajo Sandstone in Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah. Abstract imagery tends to come from abstract people, and is at its easiest to create in places that are themselves, abstract. Such is Monument Valley.

Deuteronomy 7:9
Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; He is the faithful God, keeping His covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love Him and keep His commandments.

It’s not about who we’ve been or what we did, it’s about who we are and what we will do.

Have a great day and may God Bless,

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