Wild Things

I stole today’s title from an old rock n roll song titled, Wild Thing. If memory serves me and it often does not, I believe the group it came from was The Trogs, or some other nonsensical group name.

Four birds, a mammal, and a bunch of spiders. Pretty much a normal post for me.

The Cedar Waxwing was a favorite bird of mine when it came to photography. They are busy little birds and when they ravish a tree for insects, they strike many great poses for the camera.

Pied-billed Grebes are often found swimming in duckweed. At least when I am in the neighborhood.

The more you can get down to your subjects level, or use a long lens that will flatten out your perspective, the more compelling your images will be.

Spiders are wildlife too. Near as I can tell, what we have below is a Daddy Long-legs gang fight. The more time spent in the field the more unique scenes you will come across.

No, this Red Fox kit is not dead. It became so at home with my presence, that it drifted off to sleep. Mom is in their rock den and she also came to trust me.

Gaining the trust of wild animals can make photography easy, and it always made me feel a bond with the subject. With that said, what if the next person who comes along is accepted by the animal, but that person means to bring harm to them?  There is a responsibly that comes with power.

As I end the photography portion of today’s post, I will share an image of a male Northern Harrier as it leaves my presence with a hapless little Vole.

Predators and prey are a part of how God designed the natural world. After original sin entered the world that is. There’s an order to everything. If the human part of His Creation, were only as innocent as are the wild animals.


A few parting words about today’s environmental movement.

Why did such a lover of nature and outdoor photography, lose his love for a cleaner, better world?  Why did I leave the movement?

It ain’t complicated. I never left them, they left me.

The environmental movement of today, is being directed and orchestrated by one world government fascists/ Marxists who use it as a weapon against the masses, in order to achieve their “world view”. One in which they are “all powerful”, with intent to keep you frightened and feeling that you need them or the planet will implode.

I did not say that none of the minions care, only that you and I are merely pawns in a winner take all high stakes game where when they meet together in private, they laugh at our gullibility.

Don’t be a sucker, use your common sense and think things through one step at a time. Realize, they are doing what they do to “gain the world” so to speak, while you and I make them rich and powerful.

Have you ever heard of an environmentalist type, who’s either rich and/or powerful (most are), who upon careful examination, does not have the largest carbon footprint imaginable? Most do. Their lavish houses, their private jets and on and on and on!  From former presidents living on islands in New England, to billionaires, it is all about them gaining power and wealth, not the environment. You and I are just the fools they take advantage of.

That is why, while I care about my planet, I rage against giving up my sovereignty to greedy, selfish power brokers who only care about themselves.

I would add, that this is not merely a rant against liberals and Democrats, it includes many, many old school Republicans from yesterday, who want to be rich and powerful at your expense.  If there are to be two classes, those with and those without, they have opted to “be with” at the expense of our lifestyles, and our personal God given freedoms.

Have a great day,

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