Surveying The Land

Today’s photos fall either loosely or firmly into the basic category of landscapes. Some are a bit more abstract than others, but they are literal in that what the subject is, can be understood easily.  They all were “captured” in the U.S., with most coming from the west, and a few from the central portions of this nation.  Some were created at the edge of light, which is normal for me, and some during more convenient hours.

I am keeping it light (no pun)  today in that I did not include any photo info. Sometimes it is just nice to peruse the images of another photographer, and this time that is me.

We are tied to the land at our most basic level.  You might say that’s where our roots are.

All of those years in nature, exploring and visually interpreting the natural world were amazing. The animals, the plants and the land. With that being said, I never worshipped creation, I worship the Creator.

God Bless,

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