More Stories From The Edge

Today’s post is not necessarily about “getting an edge” photographically. But it
Is about using the edge, especially the edge of light. This is an old subject for
me, but a worthwhile one.

The images below are in fact quite old.  Not film days old, but early digital days

They were made during a time when I was absent of software that would read
RAW  files, so they were created as jpgs. 

One of my favorite times to be out at the edge of light, is on a winter’s morning
just after a snowstorm or a frost.  In fact, I like it best when the early morning
skies and low light, create a mood that is surreal. This is one of several times   
when extreme natural contrast will provide you with an extreme mood. These
images in my opinion, would have lacked the intensity and mood that I felt, if I
would have chosen a “brighter” exposure.

Those moods transfers nicely to close-up work as well.

Of course, the rising or setting sun brings the most colorful light you will find.
They of course occur at the edge of day.

Straight up, pointed in the direction of the sun types of images, with unique and
beautiful shapes to create a silhouette between you and the light, are what
detail-less photography is all about.

Most subjects which are photographed as silhouettes will be interesting if the
shape is interesting. Occasionally, adding a human aspect can make those
images relatable.

The moon, or in this case the half moon, is a great subject for photographers. In
most cases the “moon shots” we see portray the moon as a golden, featureless,
circle.  I’m in no way putting down those images as I have made dozens of them
myself. With that said, the moon is full of craters and such. At times when the
sun is at a left or right angle to the moon, it will not visually “ burn up” those
craters. It is sweet to capture texture on the moon.

Backlight, with semi translucent plants, can provide the opportunity of seeing
and capturing all of the lines (edges) and designs of a plant. Backlight helps
show the edges within.

The edges between strong color and blank white, make the color areas pop!! 
They will jump off the page and advance toward you.

These two male Ring-necked Pheasants do almost  jump off the page, first from
our eyes and then our brain. It helps that those colors are warm in tone..

As I have said more times that I care to mention, without edges there are no

God Bless,

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