In Your Face

With photography, an “in your face” sort of image can truly be beautiful.

Colorado wildlife photographer Dan Walters captured this amazing action close-up of a Hooded Merganser with a fish that wants no part of it, but may have eventually won. I am not sure.

Great work in putting we the viewers in the middle of the action!

Mainly today I just wanted to share with you Dan’s image, but I decided I will show a few old rusty ones of my own as well.

I love flower photography, and simple, elegant images of equally elegant flowers, with out of focus “washes of color” in the background, was one of my favorite styles of flower photography. Enough depth of field (f/16) to cover the flower in focus, but shallow enough to render the distant background as only soft colors.

Birds can be equally elegant and the larger wading birds are natural God Given art. I spent no small amount of time with this Great Egret and I was glad I did.

Even more so, I was enchanted with “little wildlife”. Especially when I was up close and personal, had great light, and via sidelight, could reproduce the texture that I saw with my own eyes.

God’s World is amazing and powerful, and His “littlest critters” were always among my favorite parts of nature.

May God Bless,

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