Pigeon Tracks

No today’s post is not about sharing some images of pigeon tracks. Actually, the natural history photographer that resided inside of me drove me at times to photograph animal tracks. Birds, mammals, even insects or centipedes. Also skeletal materials from deceased critters. I wasn’t morose, there were stories to tell in those remains and from those tracks. I did however make photos of wild pigeons.

With that said, this post is called what it’s called because in it I jump all over the place to accompany my random thoughts……………….like a series of scattered pigeon tracks. 



There are protests that have been or are being lodged by truckers in Canada, Australia and I believe New Zealand and Israel. Basically blockades and mile after mile of trucks. The protests stem from the draconian style lockdowns and forced vaccines over Covid by their governments.

Canada, and New Zealand are liberal countries, Australia and Israel a little less so. Everyone everywhere, is fed up with the “power grab” made by many governments including the U.S.

There will be more such occurrences (the power grabs that is) and the time might come when commerce might need to be shut down. For over two years now we here at this house have kept our supplies of food and other necessities as full as possible.

Stay one step ahead of the world around you.

There has been and are a lot of murderers in this world. Thankfully I’ve never been a murderer. There are rapists. I’ve never been one of those either. There is no shortage of child abusers on this earth. I can tell you right here, I am not and have never been a child abuser. There are burglars, internet thieves, con artists, carjackers and drug sellers. Nope, none of the above for me.

What do I have in common with the above mentioned? I need saving just as much as they do. You say, well, it will be easier on you than “those others“. It will not. Hell is Hell, no matter what kind of sinner you are.

Some sins may be worse than others, but the stench of sin, even one little sin, one time, precludes us from Heaven just the same as those others. The stench of sin bans us from being in the presence of God. That is, is does so if we are without the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ. He came here for us. All of us. Our sins can be washed by His cleansing blood.  God walked this earth as the Son of man so He could die for our sins. We only need to genuinely embrace His gift to us. It is the “only” way. No shortcuts and also no prolonged overly complicated schemes. It’s not about religions..

I made my decision. How about you?
God Bless,

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