Speaking Freely

A few words to my loyal friends who have read the Earth Images Blog over the years. It is possible that I will not be posting my thoughts or photos anymore. I am suddenly having issues getting my posts out as I want. I can no longer edit a post once it is saved. That not only means that I cannot edit out all of those typos and errors I make (such as in my last post), but inserting an image in a post is impossible. That is an edit.

This has been a great platform for me for amateur blog posts over the years. I know not if the issue is that I still have a free blog rather than the paid for blog. Nobody has contacted me and said so, which makes me assume that is not the issue.

It will also be sad to no longer share my thoughts and my images about the subject of photography. A different blog with different host is one possibility, but I have always liked it here.

It might be, that what I have to say when I exercise my inalienable, constitutional right to free speech  angers somebody. That is kind of the whole point of free speech.  Everyone says their piece and some disagree and some agree. Those who disagree with me are of course welcomed to do so. I would always defend their right to do that.

Free speech for everyone of every opinion and background is essential. Many have died to assure that right. All progress that has been made for the oppressed has been born of free speech.

Always remember this, other than in cases of speech that calls for violence, those who would silence what you have to say, only do so because they fear the potential righteousness and/or power of your words.  They do not want those who may read what you write to begin thinking. They are frightened only because they think you are a threat to their dominance.  Freedom is always a danger to those sorts of people. Over time, Jews, blacks, all citizens of communist countries, women or anybody who is different than the leadership have been among those who were silenced. It is through free speech and the intercourse of ideas, that people have won freedom and moved up.


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