The Art of H20 (as a liquid, solid or a gas)

Water is a blessing for photographers. It  is one of the primary subjects in the creation of images.

As a liquid, there is simply no end to its uses for picture making.

Our first two photos show liquid water on the move. Water runs downhill and rivers will perpetually find the downhill course.

Moving water from an unordinary angle.

Placid water makes for great pictures. Its calm assuredness carries with it a serene attitude that brings peace to the heart. Those calm waters are often used by our feathered friends such as is the case with the Grebe you see below.  Reflections are a bonus.

Man uses water to play in. Photographers use the combination to make pictures.

Liquid water as dew, has had a lot to “do” (corny pun is intended) with my photography. From dew bending a blade of thick grass, to a dew covered orb web, I made it my business to be where the dew is. Spring, summer and fall mornings are a blessing to a photographer.

If rivers run downhill, what happens when they come to a cliff?  Waterfalls of course.

Scenic waterfalls make nice landscape pictures and then there are times that the pure act of water falling is enough to make a compelling image.

There of course is hard water to consider, but what happens when fluid water and hard water meet?

To me, magic is what happens.

Let there be frost (or snow).

Frost/snow, along with ice presents photographers with interesting possibilities. Frost is like well, frosting. The frosting on the cake.

Quiet frost and moving water.

Frost on wood.

I promised you gas! So to speak. The incredible light of sunrise, paints color on these magnificent clouds of water turned to gas.

A song reads, so many things I could have done but clouds got in the way. To photographers, they things of beauty and are certainly not in the way.

2 Corinthians 6:14
Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?

Stay in the light.

God Bless,

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