More is Less, & Less is More

As we all live through what is the most difficult and saddening time in our modern history, here at Earth Images I have attempted to go against the grain or better said, against my own grain, and write less about politics and social disorder and instead concentrate on some theological discourse and of course also what this blog was created for, photography. This despite my propensity toward commenting on politics and such.

We all could use some places to go where we can escape.

In some cases, too much politics drives us away and becomes weakened in its effectiveness, and a little less of that subject can be more powerful. In other words, more is less and less is more.

With an election that might be the biggest in our history, I find it impossible to avoid making any comments.

So I forewarn each of you, at least once maybe more, between now and election day, I will share some thoughts on what is happening around us. I certainly will do so even if it results in the demise of this blog.

For today, I will close with two of my images

Turning up his nose.  American Bittern

Up close and personal, dragonfly

See you soon and may God Bless,

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