The Autumn of The Year

As we transition into autumn (my favorite time of year), I thought I would kick it off with a portfolio of some of my images that “say Autumn”, in many cases with a capital A.

I would remind serious nature photographers, that the fall season means more than what you see below. Bird migration, Monarch Butterfly migration, fall flowers and much, much more. Everything in nature, is preparing for winter. To some degree, that is even true in the desert and other warm climates. Above all, it means serenity, mood and atmosphere. You all know how much the latter means to me.

Wide scenes, intimate scenes, and super close-ups. Fall if a very versatile time of year.

Landscapes reign supreme with most photographers at this time of year. I particularly like that in-between season when some leaves are in full, flame, and color, but still others are green. Some leaves are stubborn and others seem to accept the inventible.

Of course, some trees are forever green (conifers) and they can be used to layer warm (red, yellow, orange) and cool (green) together for much of the fall season.

Eventually, everything that is deciduous in nature, is in full color.

As the leaves begin to fall, there is always one stubborn tree,

Fallen leaves produce nice “mini landscapes”.

There is no end to the different ways to look at (and photograph) autumn. Remember to look up.

And down.

Including at ponds.

The fall season, is a premiere time of year for close-ups.

I’ve known “high end” serious and professional photographers who would absolutely pass on these final two images. Especially the second one. Too contrasty!

Don’t be afraid of natural drama. That second image below may say more about the quiet yet dramatic mood of autumn, than any on this page.

As a kid I always loved the distinct changes of the seasons.  I am grateful that I grew up in a location that has four very obvious seasons. It is no surprise that I became a nature based photographer.  That meant I could not only experience the mood and atmosphere of each season, but I could interpret them into my own “visual words” as translated with my camera.

I may need a little patience as I learn a new system for building blogs here at WordPress. It will become automatic to me eventually.

Hopefully, today’s “all photography” post, has given each of you a brief respite from the troubles of today.

God Bless and enjoy the coming season.

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