If Not Now, When?

I know there are surely readers out there who might wish I would stop
publishing my “religious”, or more accurately stated, Christian
articles, here on Earth Images.  As long as I am capable of pounding a
keyboard, they will continue. This is not a time to stop, this is THE
time to go forward and share God’s message.  Christians need to be
loud and clear that God has called His children to rally together.

For those of you who like me, often shutter at the thought of the
Millennial generation being in charge of anything, especially the
church, follow the link you will see done the page.  There are good young people sharing
God’s Word. If you are a church going individual, particularly if you
are connected to a particular church and especially if you belong to a
denomination, please keep your mind open. The preacher’s Biblical
teaching is outstanding. There are 70 year old pastors who have been
preaching sermons for 45 years, who do not have his knowledge of the

His style may at times be somewhat flamboyant, but it is heartfelt and
real. Pastors (preachers/teachers), can and should have many styles. I
study behind many differing types of people preaching God’s Word.
Both quiet and vivacious. Both studious and common. Both simple and

If you are from one of the old denominations as I am, a set of robes
does not deify anyone, or make them a teacher/preacher of God’s Word.
Anymore than a simple pair of pants and a shirt disqualifies one from

Or a dress!

It is true that God assigned different jobs to men and woman through
the original Mosaic/Jewish law, and even into the New Testament, but
take note.

After Christ’s ascension, at one point the church in Jerusalem was
driven underground. That church was hosted and pastured by a woman.
Post Christ, the world’s first traveling evangelist was Mary Magdalene
God makes it very clear, that man and woman (and rich and poor, and
people of all colors) are all equals in His eyes.

Check out this fine young pastor/preacher/teacher (and above all what
he shows us that God wants to teach us) from Hope City Church.


If you begin your journey to God with the Bible, as is the best place
to begin in my opinion, you will need to search for a good bible, and
an honest interpretation of the such. Certainly older versions of the
King James rate the highest for me, but they can be a bit hard to
understand due to the old English. That is where trusted pastors
and/or teachers come in. They need not only to be accurate, but to be

There are in fact hundreds and maybe thousands of great teachers and
preachers ( in a world of seven billion people) in the world. They are
of all ages. They put God’s Word above ceremony and manmade creations.

Ceremonies created by churches or denominations can certainly be “mood
provoking” and may help you to “feel” spiritual. They can also
sometimes, pull you away from the truth, as we wind up worshiping the
ceremony and sometimes the human who created it or performs it, more
than God. I merely suggest, that you think about these things and know
that you do not have to accept them just because you might think that
religious leaders must know more than we do.

I can surely appreciate a beautiful church building, inside and/or
out. The truth is, that we can hear a sermon and worship in the
basement of an abandoned house. In fact, that has been done many
times. Christ’s Church, is not a building.

Water baptism, is prescribed to show the world our acceptance of
Christ as our savior (it does not make us born again in and of
itself), and communion to symbolize the blood and body of Jesus, and
they are really the only two ceremonies that are given by God.
Remember, much of the Old Testament is the original Mosaic and Hebrew
law, not post Christ Christian law. That said, ultimately the Old
Testament is as important as the New. It paves the way and sets the
tone for what was yet to come.

Changing is never easy. Accepting the fact that the Son of God, took
our sins on His shoulders, and our punishment and shame as well, so we
could become Saved and live in His Glory for eternity, is something
that many believe is a part of their “religion” but it really is not.
It is what God has given us and is beyond religion.

It is about God and our gift of Salvation through Christ, first and foremost.

The only catch (if I may use that term) to what He offers us is, that
we have to mean it when we accept it, and remember that we are to
share it. Sometimes there is just one person in your life who you can
help find the light. You will have done great things if you are the
catalyst to the discovery of the meaning of the one and only God, by
that one person..


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